Wednesday, July 11, 2018

#DWHabit - Word of the Day - Candle

Candles have many purposes and symbolize so much in our lives.   They are something so simple yet can be so powerful. A watched candle can provide light in a dark room. They provide a feeling of relaxation and security. If not watched a candle can ignite an inferno. They can create a devastation so powerful to destroy everything. Candles come in many shapes and sizes. We have those creative molded versions of flowers, animals and other shapes. They come in jars and cans with lids. They come in small sizes perfect for cakes. They can be fat or skinny short or tall. When we look at candles and their purpose in our lives we have to ask what would life be without candles. Lincoln read by candle light. Churches use them for services, wedding or for prayers. We use them in our homes. Their flames chase away the darkness while their fragrance fills our homes with sweetness.
Something so simple and useful.

Let Me Be A Candle

Let me be a candle
standing straight and tall.
Let me be a candle
of use to one and all.

Let me be a candle
to brighten someone's day.
Let me be a candle
a light along the way.

Let me be a candle
that bends in times of strife.
Let me be a candle
that shows a well lived life.

Let me be a candle
who warms the coldest heart.
Let me be a candle
with wisdom to impart.

Let me be a candle
full of faith and hope and love.
Let me be a candle
for my Heavenly Father above.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Life's Journey

My life has been a roller coaster lately as we deal with my mom's health issues. Today's writing  came from  examining struggles and blessings. This is what came about.

Life’s Journey

Scrolling through the posts I watch summer journeys unfold.
I dream that one day I may be able to venture out into this world.
It is a world where others journey to far away places.
It is a world where families visit theme parks or beaches.

For now I have my own journey.
Some days I feel like I am climbing mountains.
Some days I feel I am sinking in mud.
These days are hard, yet I embrace them.

I am grateful for each of these days.
Each day is one more day I get to spend with you.
Each day is one more day to encourage you.
Each day is one more day to say I love you.

When I was young your dream journey was put on hold.
I’m sure you felt like you were climbing mountains.
Some days you may have felt like you were sinking in mud.
Yet you joyfully embraced them all.

Growing up you knew was hard.
It was full of ups and downs.
They were journeys you gladly took with us
They filled your mother’s heart.

Now I take this journey with you.
Some days are filled with ups and downs.
I joyfully walk them with you.
Your strength and tenacity fill my heart.

You show the world your strength.
You show the world your love.
Most importantly you show the world how to live.
For that we are truly blessed.
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