Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Caught Up and Moving ON

Tuesday is a great writing day for me.  My students are in the computer lab and their program requires no assistance from me.  I sit and stare at them.  So I decided to make Tuesday's a day where I will push myself real hard with my writing.    Yesterday, during school hours I wrote a staggering 3,751 words.   This puts my total words at 35,679.  I am so glad I am back in my writing zone.  It is depressing when you want to write non-stop and then life gets in the way.  Our media specialist looked at me yesterday and said, "Don't you just wish you could spend all of your time writing?"  Oh how I wish that.  My evening classes start today so I won't know how much time that will take up.  Selfishly I hope not much time.

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Liz H. Allen said...

Wow, 3,751 words in one day. That is fantastic. I agree that it is depressing when life gets in the way of writing.

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