Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 2 of Teachers Write

Today's quick write can be found here at Kate Messner's blog.  Today we are working on sensory details and memories.  We were told to think of someplace we love.  This is a free write activity so it can be prose or whatever format you like.  I would suggest you check out her blog and read the comments.  This is where people have posted some of their writing.  Below I give you two of mine.  This is a great way to start your morning.  I love it. Whenever I do a quick write my mind tends to jump back to trips to Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee. I love the place.  I've added some pics here to go with my writing. Both of them were thoughts of this glorious place

 Sometimes on that bridge you must cross to get to the falls you feel out of balance.  The taste of fear in your mouth is strong and bitter. It is at this point the breeze carries the scent of trees and flowers to wash over your body, drawing you forward. You take that first and second step, swaying to the rhythm, legs stiffening, knuckles white as you grip the ropes tightly.  You glance over the side, stomach in your throat, and see clear frothy water rushing over the boulders below, and hear the splash  that calms you and helps you find the courage and balance to take you to the other side where you celebrate the victory of staring fear in the face to reach your goal, the glorious falls that drop beneath you washing away all your cares.

 A Walk Through the Woods

Sometimes as I walk through the woods
listening to the buzz and hum of life
I am carried gently on the breeze, like the leaf floating lazily down the stream headed  for places unknown.
I drink in the cool air filled with contradicting
Scents of life and death, tasting the sweetness
That comes when everything in that moment
is balanced.

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