Friday, March 1, 2019

#DWHabit - Glow

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The word glow can mean so many things and is used in so many ways.

We speak of a glow a woman has when she has just given birth or learned she is pregnant. When walking down the aisle the bride is often described as glowing. We associate it with words such as passion, warmth, brilliance.

We have the warm glow of a sunset as it sinks beneath the horizon. My favorite is the warm glow of the summer sun that is just beginning to rise. It  colors not only the world but our mood and thoughts.

For me the glow of that child who has just accomplished something they thought they could never do, is what is special to me. It doesn't matter if that child is one, eleven or older. There is a genuine glow that comes with success. So why do parents, teachers and society try so hard to stop that glow with their words and attitudes? Is it something we do unintentionally?  What will it take to say those words of encouragement to make our kids glow again.  It seems to me that the world would be a brighter place with more light within it. Don't you agree

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