Monday, January 10, 2011

A look at the new year.

It seems more and more time goes along between my posts.  Life happens.  I'm a teacher who also tutors two days after school, teaches a sewing club two days a week and will soon be teaching a 10 week Saturday test prep class.  The good thing about what I do is that I can change it up.  At the end of the month our clubs change and my sewing club goes bye-bye and I start teaching a creative writing club.  I love this because it is a way for me to spend time writing as well.  While students work on homework the first 50 minutes I can work on any writing project or I can work on grading papers etc.  After that I start my class, get the students started and then they write.  There will be time to share and critique.  I did this last year but the way the club was set up I had students who were in and out.  This year when they sign up they are with me two days a week for nine weeks.  We can get some work done on our own projects.  The enthusiasm is great.  Several teachers have talked me up and I currently have ten students I am aware of that are very excited.

So what are my plans besides working at school?  My husband and I have talked and we are looking at self-publishing my first book.  I am determined to complete my ghost story and my historical fiction.  I may even post some of my poetry here.  Poetry is what I write when I'm frustrated, angry, bored or when my students are doing a poetry unit at school and I have to model. Look tomorrow for a couple of examples.

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