Saturday, July 31, 2010

Against the Wall Outline

Scene 1:  Trouble Begins
Hannah (MC) is angrily trying to find an outfit for secnod day of museum hopping.  Sent on trip by parents against her wishes.  Paired up with museum/art geek.  She rants  about the hot weather, walking and being paired up with Ian before meeting everyone in the lobby of the hotel.

Scene 2:  Walk to Museum
Walks 10 blocks to museum and converses with Ian.  He can't understand why she is there and she can't understand why he would want to be there.  She  explains situation at home that landed her in NYC.  She is hateful enough that Ian shuts up

Scene 3:  Entrance to Museum
Ian starts spounting off info about the Intrepid Museum and the piece of the Berlin Wall outside the entrance.  hannah stops in front of the wall while Ian walks on.  Hannah swipes her hand against the grafitti covered piece of wall and comments on its ugliness.  Suddenly she is gone.  Ian looks back and can't find Hannah so he assumes she went back to the hotel.

Scene 4:  Hannah meets Ivonne
Hanna just appears on doorstep of shop.  Old lady yells at Hannah about outfit.  Ivonne hears the comment and pulls Hannah inside where she gives her clothing.  They have a discussion about time and place.  Ivonne expresses fear of being reported because of what has happened to her family.

I've had the outline for quite some time.  These are just the first four scenes that I am currently working on.  Will update my progress in a day or two.

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