Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Student Poetry

I have not posted here for a while. That doesn't mean I have not written daily because I have. We have had some health issues our family has been dealing with lately. Writing has been what has gotten me through.

I love the month of April because it is National Poetry Month.  This is the month when I force my students to stretch and try their hands at different types of poetry.  Today I am sharing some poetry from my students. Some of it is free verse, some of it rhymes. They could choose their topic.  We have been reading about hatred, bullying and other social issues. We are preparing to read the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Some of this poetry comes from their own experiences. Some of it comes from watching friends and family.  I hope you enjoy it.  Here are the seven poems.

Lost by Gautham G.

A paper thrown away,
A piece of bread that has decayed,
Now lost, and trapped in a display
Of disarray

Now take this sense of loneliness, and
personify it. A person who moves
to a new country for a job and has
no one. The new kid at a school who
feels he has no place there.

The objects long for interaction.
These people long for affection and care.
Yet, everyone remains unaware
The people remain in despair.

This sense of despair remains
Until they remember, they have a voice.
This voice gives them a choice;
The power to change their life.

This sense of being lost diminishes
As they meet new people.
Our voice is what makes humans
Special. Everyone feels lost at one
Point of their lives. Rebounding from
this feeling is what makes our
 voice so special.

Down in the Dumps by Jonathan X.

Lonely and perched upon a mountain,
A chair is seated.
Nearby is a discarded water fountain,
Burning mouths with water heated.

It was once soft and cushy,
Providing comfort to all
Belonging to a happy family,
With members big and small.

It’s seen so much
And yet, so little.
It longs for the human touch
Of his favorite friend whose bones were brittle.

The chair feels pride
At all it’s done.
Wittnessing a child become a bride
And loving the warmth of the summer sun.

But now the chair is aged
With stuffing flowing from the seat.
Resting and watching the landfill’s stage
While burning up in the summer heat.

I Am by Madison B.

Simply stated, I am a bookworm.
I am the girl who gets good grades in school.
I am the person who sits behind you
And who you don’t notice until  I raise my hand.

I am the one who always has to be right
In an argument I am the one
Who doesn’t sit with people at lunch
I am that girl who towers over everyone,
The kid who does her homework the moment she gets home.

I am the one who prefers to work alone in class,
And I am the one who doesn’t have friends
Outside of school. I am the girl who sits behind you in class,
And might just love to talk about a good book.
But you don’t notice me until I raise my hand,
Because, simply stated, I am a bookworm,
And no one gives me a chance to be more.

If I travel a Thousand Skies by Madison B.

If I leave this galaxy
And fly to the nearest star,
Then I’ll still be close to you and you to me
And the distance won’t seem far.

If I travel a thousand skies
Until you are far from sight,
I’ll still remember your loving eyes
As I drift through the endless light.

If the darkness stops my heart
And my lips grow stiff and cold
Even then we will not be apart,
And this bond could never grow old.

If I am lost to the silent seams
Of matter space, and time,
We will still be together in our dreams,
I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine.

If I fly where the comet steers
and watch the horizon yawn.
I’ll wait for you for years and years
Til you arrive like the sun at dawn.

So in my death, I beg you, live
And turn your life’s pages.
I hope my leaving you will forgive
In the coming ages.

So, my love, please do not cry
As I sail beyond the moon.
I’m only as far as a thousand slides
And waiting to see you soon.

Summer Fun by Elizabeth D.

Something about the salty ocean
Draws me toward it
Forgetting all the worries and stress
Just feeling happy and free

Never wanting to leave
Always drifting off
Sandy toes is the perfect way
to spend a sunny weekend

Diving deep below
Water getting colder
Reminds me of a time
Way back when

Sun shining down
Sand getting hotter
Resting for a while
Not without a smile

Watching the sun
Turn yellow to red
Slip behind the ocean
Only to be seen again.

Police by Jose F.

Police uphold justice
They protect the innocent
They punish he guilty
For the most part

Sometimes they mess up
The protect the guilty
They punish the innocent
They are not perfect

Some are corrupt
They protect the guilty
They punish the rivals
They are not innocent

Some have their own agendas
They protect the people who they deem worthy
They punish the people who they deem unworthy
They are dangerous

Police uphold justice
For the most part
They are not perfect
Some are not innocent
Some are dangerous

Laughter by Tuyen L.

A joyous smile upon her face
A party till next light
Showers of love and admiration.
In her honor, it is all.

Between her giggles are whispers.
Why is she here?” escaped her mouth.
Her laughter sweeter than day.
But colder than night.

Laughing at the poor girl.
Someone’s blood is boiling from laughter.
To stand or sit.
To take the pain or give back.

Oh, poor girl
Are you letting her laugh?
At your hideous face
And your mounds of fat?

You look pretty in that dress.
But she still laughs.
Poor ugly girl.
You can tear at that queen.

She does not deserve the crown.
You are the rue queen.
Go forward and conquer,
My little mouse.

The Shell by Yamileth A.

On the outside quiet, a bit timid and maybe awkward.
That’s something I’ve never been able to change.
The way my shell looks,
The way it’s as hard as a turtle’s.
Applying makeup just so my shell looks more confident,
Just so my shell can weaken a little.

I don’t really want this shell.
Sometimes when I take it off too early I embarrass myself.
Sometimes I show myself without my shell to someone
More than others, and I get hurt.
But sometimes,
Just a few times, some won’t hurt me without this shell.
Some make it easy for me.

My shell has hardened over time
Life can be cruel, even when you’re only fourteen
I dream one day I won’t need a shell.
And that one day, the first impression of
Myself is more than just “a quiet girl”.
But until my shell stops hardening,
I guess on the outside I’ll just be a quiet, a bit

Timid, and maybe awkward.

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