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Reverse Golden Shovel Poems

Reverse Golden Shovel Poems

I am not sure there is such a thing as a Reverse Golden Shovel Poem. A Golden Shovel poem works like this: You take a poem you like and copy it down. You choose one or more lines you like and write those words down the right hand side of the page. Then you create your own poem making sure the words you wrote down the right hand side are the last words in the line. Notice I didn’t say sentence. I was trying to do that and couldn’t get it to work. When you need to learn something you go to the source. So I got in touch with Helen Frost who advised me to get Nikki Grime’s book “One Last Word”. It is full of Golden Shovel Poems.

I will post the golden shovel poems tomorrow on the blog. Today I had students take one of the following quotes and write it down the left side of their paper and create a poem from it.  I told them it is like a cross between an acrostic and a golden shovel poem.  So enjoy my students’ work.

Here are the two quotes I gave them:

“Honesty is more than not lying. It is truth telling truth speaking, truth living, and truth loving.” – James E Faust

Honesty Shapes Humanity by Natalia M.

Honesty creates trust and hope. It
Is what holds together a family, a friendship. It is
More than just what is true. It is more powerful
Than the strongest of men. It defeats secrecy, not abundant but still there, it lives in us all.
Lying is an escape.
 It helps some to cope with a fear of being hones.
Is this how we choose to live?
Truth opens door o friendships and learning. 
Telling the truth gets you through those doors.
Truth is what is genuine. What is real.
Speaking it relieves pain.
Truth is the instant antidote.
Living it sets you free
And guides you ona path to a beautiful future.
Truth can hurt, but that can change when you learn to be 
loving understanding and kind.

Honesty by Sam M.

Honesty is important in life and so
Is treating people with kindness, with
More kindness in the world there are more smiles 
than frowns.
Not interrupting when somebody is speaking is polite.
Lying when you do something bad is naughty,
It is dishonest and it
Is better to tell the
Truth. Simple things like
Telling somebody “you look nice today.” Can lift people’s spirits. The
Truth is it’s not very hard to be nice. When
Speaking to adults just remember to include yes mam and yes sir. The
Truth is, it’s not very hard to be kind. If you’re
Living life like it’s your last day on earth, there’s no time to be mean
And rude to the people around you. Telling the
Truth, being kind, nice, polite, and
Loving are the easiest ways to make a difference in the world.

Honesty is Powerful by David I.

Honesty is powerful. It
Is what
More leaders lack
Then we would like to think. It is
Not something everyone is born with, but
Lying is quite the same.
It is what makes the strong, strong. It
Is what cements trust. The
Truth is more powerful than guns, as
Telling the truth could end all wars. The
Truth is
Speaking out when no one else will. The
Truth is claiming responsibility, no matter the consequences.
Living cannot be done without honesty
And hate cannot exist without distrust. The
Truth can unite us as
Loving unites a family.

Honesty Is by Sam M.

Honesty is what everyone needs in this world. Honesty
Is the most incredible ting on earth. Honesty is
More than just a simple word or phrase. Honesty is much, much more
Than what many think it means. Honesty is
Not a way of getting out of trouble, it is a way of solving trouble.
Lying is when you don’t want to tell the truth because you are afraid. But honesty,
It is a supernatural force that brings light into darkness, hope where there is none. Honesty
Is a force that is essential to life. Honesty is the purest form of
Truth, but it is more than just sticking to the facts. Honesty can move mountains. It is
telling your opinion on something with confidence and security. Honesty is
truth in its most powerful form. Honesty is
speaking out rather than speaking inside. Honesty is not simply the
truth. Honesty is a force that breathes hpe into dead things to bring them back to the
living. Honesty is the true victor in the run of life. On
and on honesty goes, saving millions from the shackles of torment. Honesty is the
truth that is wholesome and pure, with no mistakes. Honesty is
loving the world and taking it for what it is. Honesty is what we all need.

Honesty by Ruth A.

Honesty is the best policy they say but
Is it
More than just a saying, more
Than words itself? But
Not actually doing it, yet
Lying about something you did
It can cause pain. But
Is it all the
Truth not just pain but being lied to.
Telling yourself it’s going to be okay, when the
Truth is you don’t know, you try to
Speak about it but the lie comes out not the
Truth. It’s hard to imagine because you’re
Living it not dreaming it,
And the honest
Truth is nobody knows if it’s true or not so you just  keep
Loving until it’s gone.

The Way the World Works by Elizabeth D.

Honesty creates your image. It
Is the difference between good and bad It gets 
more lost every day. It is worth more
Than anything else. It only takes one to
Not be trusted.
Lying makes you the other person.
It can destroy relationships. It
Is the key to happiness.
Truth should run the country instead
Telling lies do. The
Truth is, people don’t care about
Speaking the truth. The
Truth can be too hard to admit.
Living in lies becomes easier
And that is the way of the world.
Truth can be the difference between loving and hating each other.

“Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” Elie Wiesel

Power by Elizabeth D.

Silence is what
The power form the 
tormentor. That is what allows them to
Never become

Silence by Phillip S.

Encourages the fear of the unknown.
The silence of apathy can help the
Tormentor escape but
Never free the tormented.
The ones who’ve shown no sound not only hurt the
Tormented but soon enough they become one of them.

Ignorance by Nirian L.

Silence fuels the ignorant. It
Encourages the sinister thoughts of those who inflict
The pain that they have had onto others. The
Tormentor dehumanizing all they choose to not accept
Never understanding what’s truly right and what’s wrong.
The fabrications they formed in order to cope with their own problems. The
Tormented never escaping the imprisonment set upon them.

Night Thoughts  by Ingrid P.

Silence at night in the lonely dark, is what
Encourages my thoughts to come at me.
The thoughts that I try to keep away. He is the
Tormentor of my mind. He is
Never around wen there is light, but
The slightest bit of darkness makes him appear, making me the
Tormented soul.

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