Thursday, May 7, 2015

Life By Fabi

This is a great example of an alphabet poem.


Asking about it doesn’t do anything
Because the answers aren’t always the truth.
Certainly life is a crazy thing.
Doing the right thing isn’t always the best.
Exploring life isn’t a good thing, the more you know the less you want to.
Fairness is never a thing
Gaining something causes you pain. Happiness is always a thing we want an d never truly have.
Indeed, what we want each day is to stay in bed but life has other plans.
Just because you’re mad or sad don’t show it, it’s better to be quiet.
Keep the smiles up
Lectures are not appreciated, but always said.
Mothers don’t always know best.
Nobody can have what they really want.
Owning people is a crime, but like makes its own rules.
Problems are always solved.
Quite a few people know about what actually happened.
Realistic people aren’t nice but they can be fair
Sometimes people just daydream.
Timelines are always interesting and important.
Unlike daydreamers, real life people know how it goes.
Violence will never stop
We all know that, stop the hopeless hope
Xenophiles are something we should be
Yahoo answers aren’t always helpful
Zebras can’t be racist, because they are black, Asian, and white

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