Monday, May 25, 2015

Poems by Two Olivias

Rainbows by Olivia H.

After a sad day of rain,
There might be colors in the sky.
Colors like red, blue and green.
Colors like orange, purple and yellow.
These colors cheer up a sad day.

It reaches out over the sky,
Like a hand reaching for treasure.
Some say there is gold at the end.
Out over the sky,
Along with the clouds and birds.

Made from reflecting light,
Colors are created.
But after a while, it will be gone.
Someday after a long rain,

Will come a rainbow again.

Flowers by Olivia Y

A Flower turns and sways in the breeze
A flower doesn’t mind the buzz of bees
Flowers are sturdy, strong and brute
They rely on no one but themselves
A flower can on it own

Some flowers poke, others break
Flowers wait and wait for an opportunity
At times they struggle, at times they don’t
Flowers feel the ground in a way humans don’t
Some are native, some not

Flowers know things that we don’t
They sink, they swim
Some flowers are deadly, others tranquil
Some flowers are fake and some are real
Flowers don’t talk, they are simply silent

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