Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Three Student Poems

Life by Suzy A.
People who put you down
Are just bumps in the road
To make steps
To achieve higher goals
throughout life
People who put you down
Are just the steps
To getting tougher
And tougher
Throughout life
People who put you down
Are just lessons
That make you smart and let you
Forget about it and move on
Throughout life.

When I Read By Savannah P.

When I read
the ideas and pictures
flow through my mind
quickly, like a river
carrying leaves to the End.

When I read
I ignore all that surrounds me
I plunge into the story
it's like I'm there
like I'm the main character

When I read 
what I don't realize 
is that I'm not there
or that there could be
an actual world to live in.

The Book by Savannah P.
Once in the moonlight,
I saw something that was shinning bright.

I stepped closer to take a look,
The thing I saw looked like a book.

The book was full of many things, 
When I touched it, I started to sing.

A song so beautiful, I started to weep,
When it stopped, I fell asleep.

Sad, as it may seem,
What I saw was just a dream.

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