Thursday, September 21, 2017

Daily Writing Project Day 5 - Careful

Today's Word is:

How many times have we told someone to be careful only watch as they ignored us. You just knew something was going to go wrong. I tell my students every day to be careful going down the stairs, especially those who trot down them without holding on to the hand rail.  I had no sooner said this to the student leading the group when she suddenly slipped and sat down hard on the step. She looked at me triumphantly, pumped her fist in the air and yelled, “yes, saved it.”  She then stood up and proceeded to trot down the rest of the stairs followed by a herd of students doing the same thing.  Some times telling someone to be careful doesn’t help at all. Some times no matter how careful they are bad things still happen. We still want to try our hardest to keep people safe. So I will always tell them to be careful.

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