Thursday, February 4, 2016

Student Poems by Natalie


I had a dream
A dream of dragons
Breathing Fire
Flying in the air

A dream of dogs
Barking and howling
At the moon
Above in the night sky

I had a dream
A dream of
My family and I
Living happily ever after


Reading takes you away
to a whole other world
a world of mystery
and detectives

A world of
princesses in castles
and dragons in
spooky caves

A world of
wonder and imagination
floating in the air
waiting for you


Shadows are everywhere
hiding in cracks, allies,
and under your bed
just waiting.

Shadows are everything
people in the sunlight, dogs in the summer
and cats in the allies

Shadows are scary
waiting for a sudden move,
waiting to take you,
waiting for you to get up at night


Nature awaits you
to go outside
in the sun and
have a wonderful time

Nature awaits you
to go on an
adventure with
imagination and fun

Nature awaits you
to go outside
with your family
and have family time

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