Saturday, February 6, 2016

Student Poetry – Gabrielle H.

 Storm Has Awakened

The roaring sound of thunder.
The bright light of lightning.
Sounds of rain hitting the ground.
The storm has awakened.

Trees going side to side by strong winds.
I’m so scared I’m shivering.
Thunder so loud the windows vibrate.
Storm so intense the power went out.

Raining so loud sounds like a bunch
Of rocks hitting the ground.
Clouds are gray. Lightning coming down.
The storm has awakened


The bright sun hitting my face
I hear birds chirping in every place.
Flowers pink, blue, yellow and orange.
Spring is here, time to explore.

The sun so bright it’s lighting the whole house.
The fresh smell
Of fresh mowed grass.
Spring makes me feel happy.

Bees are buzzing from flower to flower.
A fresh breeze hitting my face.
Spring makes me feel great.

Spring is my favorite.

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