Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Student Poetry by Madison B,

My Cello

My cello's sound is beautiful
Sonorous and deep
It feels like it was made to lull me to sleep

As I pull my bow
Across the shining strings,
I'm pulled into the music's flow
And spread musical wings

My life is a blur
But sound pulls through
like a cat's silky purr
Or the clink of shiny shoes.

My Cat Shadow

He moves through the dark
like a shadow
He was named after
that gauzy black reflection

It matches the shade of his fur
Black as shade
He's really sweet
Not shadowy at all

He isn't just a cat
or a pet
He's my brother
He's my friend.


All of life's
minuscule disappointments

They seem to
tend to
build up
build up

You have to
let it out
It's okay

Magical Meadow

Little little
Leap and twirl
Little, Little
Fairy girl

Little, little
Dance amongst the flower
Little, little
For hours and hours

Little, little
I have a habit
Little, little
Of hopping like a rabbit.

Little, little
Magical meadow
Little, little
Peace and love


We're friends
She's my first friend
Best friends
Not worst friends

Cool friends
Cold friends
Kid friends
Not old friends.

Together we cope
No matter what the weather
We won't go separate ways I hope
We'll be friends forever.

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