Friday, February 5, 2016

Student Poetry A Mixture

Space by Ammishaddai

It is a big place out there isn't it?
With signs of life, aliens.
ETs, UFOs, Glass raining planets.
Isn't it just wonderful out there?

With only 1 percent of the explorable
Universe found. Hoping there will be more
than us. But with Area 51 there may be
More than what meets the eye.

Who knows our government might
just be lying. There may be some
bad things that happens to the world.
Or is the government just aliens?

Books by Traywarren

I also like books
They unleash crazy secrets,
wrap you up
and make you lose track of time

They are addicting and hard to put down
They explain the impossible
Right when you think you're at the end
there's a cliff hanger

They are better than anything
they inspire others
They put you in the story and make you daydream.

Music by Traywarren

I love music
It says the things I like to hear.
It explains complex personal situations
I feel like the things happen to me.

Some music is up beat!
It makes me dance out the room
and throw my hands up in joy
then shout out the lyrics

Some music is too up beat
it gives me migraines
and makes me dizzy
I wish that I would've skipped the song.

Sight by Mallory

People tell me the sky is blue
people tell me the grass is green
People ask me what it's like to be blind
I tell them it's just like seeing without sight.

School is very hard for me
the teacher always gets me help
But, I get along easy
sometimes I fell like on one understands me.

Seeing is overrated I say
some people are in front of me making faces.
I can't see them but I feel them
moving in front of me!

Timeless by Teresita

Staring, standing.
In complete blackness.
thinking of nothing.

Nothing to worry.
Nothing to do.
Nothing to chase.

Hours go by.
All in just one second.

The Man in the Mountains by Caleb

A man in the mountains
survives on his own
very lonely and feels like he's missing something
figures it out.

A woman at the bottom of the mountain
sees the lonely man
feels very bad for him
walks over to him.

The man smiles
The woman smiles
He told her he figured it out.
They lived together forever.

Beasts of the Jungle by Caleb

The beast of the jungle
giant mane on his head
work together to kill prey
very dangerous together

Solitary animal
orange and black stripes
silent kills
watch out while you're in the jungle

Beast on beast
who would win
tiger or lion
very good battle.

A Brutal Fight by Caleb

The crocodile, a savage beast
Eating things whole
Hiding in the shadows
Not something to mess with.

The burmese python
constricting even the biggest prey
In the treetops of the Amazon
Ready to pounce

Even though they don't live near each other
This would be a brutal fight
Who would win
Who would lose?

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