Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Student Poetry by Kriya

mom, I love you, you gave birth to me,
tried to keep me safe from the world,
loved me even when I was being bad.

You always were there for me,
knowing me more than myself.
Always defended me from all evil,
you worked hard for me.

Provided shelter for me,
stayed awake so that I could learn.
You have very big dreams for me,
and even when you are mad, I know you care.

The Beach

The beach is very relaxing,
gets all the stress off me.
forget about the rest of the world,
as I watch the sun go.

The sand all on my legs and feet,
halfway in the water.
Sound of birds chirping around,
as kids laugh and play carelessly.

The tips of my hair wet,
but I am lost in my own thoughts.
I return back as my sister splashes water on me,
we have a water fight, ending with us soaked in water.


My friends, that never betray,
always wish the best for me
Whenever I am down, They pull me up,
made me feel like the most important person in the world.

They always help me with anything,
sometimes sacrificing their happiness for me.
I do the same in return, we all are friendly.
They never laugh at my mistakes.

Never hurt my feelings on purpose,
always included me in their group.
We always have a laugh together,
we rude life together, we die together.

Life is like a roller coaster

Life is like a roller coaster
it goes up and down
Just like when you are in a problem
A roller coaster is full of excitement.

Life has many twists and turns,
as do roller coasters,
which makes life exciting and different from others.
A roller coaster lets you have a breath of freedom.

When a roller coaster does down a height,
it feels like you are alive and can do anything.
As you go up a hill on a coaster,
it feels as if you conquered the world.

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