Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update on Steps to Courage

I now have an agent for my book.  I have been asked to add about 12,000 words.  Over the last two days I have added a total of 6,582 leaving me a minimum of 5500 words to go.  I am so excited.  My book cover and blurb are complete thanks to my good friend Marlayne Giron.  She is the author of The Victor and Make a Wish.  I feel privileged to have her as a friend and a writing mentor.  Looking forward to finally getting this book published.  Based on my summary here is the teaser she came up for the back of my book.

 Three teens with backgrounds which haunt them find themselves in New York's Twin Towers on the morning of 9-11. Each of them is a survivor of a horrific tragedy from their past and now face escaping the burning towers with all the odds stacked against them. How will they survive this ordeal when each of them feels guilty at having survived in the first place?
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