Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I AM, I WAS, I WILL BE by Eliana

I am Eliana
I wonder what Jesus has in store for me
I hear him comfort me
I see that there is no need to worry
I want to tell others about him
I am blessed to have the Lord in my heart.
I Pretend that I have done no wrong
I feel the burden of my mistakes
I touch the Lord, seeking help
I worry He will not forgive me
I cry with joy when He saves me
I am a Christian, and proud of it.
I understand it is in His hands
I say, “Dear Lord, lead me forward”
I try to do my best to please Him
I hope others seek Him
I am so thankful for all He has given me.
I was naïve
I wondered why some people act as they do
I heard bad things
I saw bad things
I wanted to change those things
I was hopeful
I pretended that I made no difference
I felt like one girl could not change the world
I touched some, but not enough
I worried because the world is so big
I cried out for help and Jesus answered
I was overjoyed to hear Him
I understand that through Him, anything can happen
I said His name, ad all was better
I dreamed about a better place
I tried to imagine how great it would be
I hoped some day it would happen
I was determined and faithful, and I still am.
I will forever love the Lord
I will wonder about the future and know He is guiding me
I will hear all He has to tell me
I will see what He has planned
I will want to show Him to others
I will be content with whatever He decides for me
I will pretend I need more, when all I need is Him
I will feel his presence with me always
I  will touch others with my prayers
I will worry of nothing, hopefully!
I will cry tears of joy, not of sadness
I will be happy, because I have Jesus.
I will understand when things go bad
I will say, “Thank you for all my blessings”
I will dream of what can be done, not what can’t
I will try to make a difference
I will hope, for anything is possible
I will be ME!


Friday, February 14, 2014


I am J
I wonder about life
I hear singing
I want to be a football player
I am J
I pretend I am a ninja
I feel like a sac of potatoes
I touch fishes swimming in the sea
I worry about dying
I cry for my daddy
I am J
I understand my life
I say I want my daddy
I dream my daddy will come home
I try to be good
I hope I can survive
I am a leader
 I was a liar
I wondered about life
I heard people talking junk
I saw fighting
I wanted it to stop
I was a liar
I pretended to be brave
I felt hurt
I touched Jesus
I worried about my future
I cried because of him
I was a liar
I understood my father
I said it was okay
I dreamed it would be better
I tried to feel sorry
I hoped I was sorry
I was a liar
I will die
I wonder when
I will hear why
I will see how
I will want to live
I will be dead
I pretended I was alive
I will feel the bullet shoot me
I will touch my wound
I will worry that it is over
I will cry it hurts
I will be dead
I will understand life
I will say goodbye
I will dream greater dreams
I will try to survive
I will hope I do
I will be dead

One Little Star by Eliana

One little star
in the middle of the night
shivering in fright
There was a little star who was very far
From her home.

She felt very alone
She looked high into the sky
Te moon was smiling bright
:Come home, little star" He cried
"You are so very far!"

The little star shed a tear
For she had fallen to the EArth
And rested in the waves.
She pictured her family
Safe in the moons great caves.

And her salty tears were qickly washed away.
For way down deep
Where there wasn't a peep
There was a dear old whale

She saw a bright glare
And it quickly gave her a scare
To see a little star
resting in the waves
The whale did care.

For she rose up andtouched the air
The little star was drooping.
She ws very gloomy
Though suddenly she stood on a glossy rough back.

The back of a great gray whale
She cried with delight
:I thought I was out of sight!"
The whale smiled and let out a groan
For she had swallowed too much sea foam.

She gave a great gurgle
And then she hurtled
The poor little star to the sk
For she had spat
A great torrent of water.

From a hole in her back.
the little star flew higher and higher
past the couds and gulls
Up into the atmosphere
She did not feel any fear.

"I'm going home!" she smiled wide.
The moon welcomed her with pride.
The star shone brightly in the night.
"Thank you, dear whale!" she cried.
another spray of water was the only reply.

The little star landed softly
And was warmed by her mother's smile.
As they embraced wide eyes
stared up from her mother's arms
She held a tiny baby star.

Twinkle was her name
The little star took her baby sister
And held her the wrong way.She lost her grip
And watched Twinkle tumble away.

All around were many gasps
As Twinkle fell farther and farther.
But the little star did not fear
for far below, in the sea
A gentle old whale was waiting.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Monsters by Aeryn

It was late at night when I did see
A pair of eyes staring up at me.
I was so scared I started to scream
But the monster jumped out with a team.
They picked me up and carried me away
And I knew I wouldn’t live for another day.

The sun was rising in the east
When I finally woke and saw the beasts
They were big, and round, and very fluffy.
So they sort of reminded me of a puppy.
One by one they introduced themselves
It turns out there were twelve.

Bob, and Joe, and Steve are three
But nine more there must be.
There’s clink, and clank, and their father Hank
Each one is as big as a tank.
Nelly and Kelly are the girls on the squad
They’re very good friends with their brother Tod
Fred, Ed, and Jim were last
These giant creatures were called Carlitrasts.

Each one had brown mangled hair
That didn’t have very much care.
Their eyes were large and very curious
Not at all scary or dangerous.
They all have very large round paws
And floppy ears, but no claws.

I pleaded with them to let me go
Ed said negator, because there’s something I should know.
He said you are not safe back there
So that’s why we will keep you in our care.
You will sta here till the end of time
Eating cheese and home grown limes.

The group then left me in the cave
Wondering if I would be saved.
I looked around and could not see
Anything that could help me.
All I saw was deep dark lack
Light was something this cave did lack.

All of a sudden something shown from above.
I looked up and saw a dove.
It turned out it was just a dream,
I thought and thought “what could this mean”?
That dove was hanging from my fan
The Carlitrasts were on my tiny van.
The cave was the darkness in m y room

So much for the monsters taking me to my tomb.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A special Poem

We have been writing poetry in my class.  I work with a great team of teachers.  The math teacher has been especially supportive.  Not only did she help students with a Percent poem but she has written some poetry and encouraged other teachers to do the same. 
Today she share that she had sat down with her 3 year old son to write poetry.  One of the poems my students completed was called an "I Am, I Was, I Will Be" poem.  they are given the beginning of a statement and then they fill in the rest.  She did the "I Am" poem with Nico.  She asked him the questions and she wrote down what he said. The only word she put in was "hooting" because he made the sound because he didn't know what the word was.  I am pleased to share this poem with all of my readers.  A talented 3 year old for sure.

 I AM   by Nico    (age 3)
I am smart and big
I wonder how the car works
I hear an owl hooting
I see a chicken
I want to drink juice
I am smart ad big
I pretend that I'm a baby
I feel sad
I touch a stingray
I worry about ice cream making me sick
I cry when I get hurt
I am smart and big
I understand words
I say I believe in chickens
I dream about playing with toys
I try to be a good boy
I hope to get another starfish like Ed
I am smart and big
Thank you Nico for sharing such a wonderful poem with my readers.

A Sea Turtle's Journey by Hailey

A Sea Turtle’s Journey

My beak breaks open the shell of my egg.
I tentatively stick out one of my legs.
Instincts tell me I must go
To the ocean, which was my ancestors’ home.
My mother left me months ago
And now I must live on my own.

My brothers and sisters also wake.
The shells of their eggs begin to break.
We’re trapped here in an underground cave
Somehow, all of us have to escape.
We small turtles can no longer be safe
There are mahy dangers for us to face.

We came out from the ground in the dead of night.
We squint in the moon’s cold beam of light.
When my eyes adjust, I see a wave.
Beckoning me to swim away.
My brothers start to crawl towards the sea.
I cannot let them forget me!

We start our perilous journey down
To the ocean. We mustn’t make a sound.
A seagull’s shriek pierces the night.
My fellow turtles go wild with fright.
The seagull swoops down and eats one of my brothers.
A second one comes to take another.

Slowly but surely we go down to the shore.
It make take us hours more.
We are going painfully slow.
We are always in danger; this I know.
A raccoon grabs a turtle just to my right.
Then it vanishes into the night.

Wej have to get there! We must flee!
We crawl towards the life giving sea.
More of my brothers and sisters are snatched.
They are helpless, because they’ve only just hatched.
I fell helpless, here on land.
My flippers fumble in the sand.

The sea is only yards away.
I have to get there before it is day.
I’m filled with relief as my flippers touch
The lovely salt water I craved so much.
I know there are more dangers to face.

But on the bright side, I survived today!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Creature Alliteration by Jacob W.

The furpluffian lives in a fissure filled with french fries.
The furpluffian eats french toast with filthy fish.
The furpluffian loves to fluff its fur and dip France in fondue.
The furpluffian is a friendly farmer who finds file oil.
The furpluffian fraked the fissure underneath my home to
dig for french toast.

the smetlessian lives where serpents slither smugly around scrumptious sausage.
The smetlessian sucks Swedish sausage through its snout.
The smetlessian loves Sarasota's savory, spicy, salsa dancing.
The smetlessian spits out sharp salamanders with shartace skin.
the smetlessian spat a shartace salamander onto my salad!

The clawfobian lives in the crazy clouds where no one else can cling or climb.
the clawfobian eats creepy, crawly crustacious cras.
The clawfobian likes to caress crazy cats who nest in Colorado or California.
The clawfobian is a crazy kooky, cookie chef.
The clawfobian caught my cocky cousin Carl.

The abriconian lives on an awesome, adventurous aptitude, peppered with ally cats.
The abriconian eats afluential , alliterating, amazing actors.
The abriconian likes acting out awkward actions with atrocious attitudes.
The abriconian is an ugly, awkward, apple eating, awesome onomatopoeic.
The abriconian ate my amazing alliteration about the abriconian.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Narrative Poem by Gaurav

The Circle and Square by Gaurav

There once was a circle and a square
They both had 40 pounds of hair.
The circle and the square were very good friends
Until one day, that came to an end.
This happened when, they were ten.

The circle said he was round  and clean
But the square said he was crisp and lean
Sot they were mad about who was more cool
Then one of them picked up a stool
They got into one big ong fight
Which, at last for me, was not a pretty sight.

The circle threw a folder at the square
But that was something he could not bear
So the square just threw a book
Then the circle returned it with a look.
At the end, they were bleeding very bad
But even then, they were pretty darn mad.

The fight ended when the square broke its side
Then the circle got scared because it thought he died.
So the square went to the hospital,, with the circle in the waiting room
The circle right now, was in doom
He prayed and prayed for the square to be alright.
Then the square came out all clean and bright.

The circle jumped up and down
But square just started to frown.
From that day, they were very good friends.
They never got into any more fights.
The circle and the square let their hopes bend.

But now I’ve gotta go, so the End.


Haikus by Mycah

Cherry blossoms bloom
softly dropping from the bush
making little sound.

Flowers growing red
swaying side to side right, left
love to watch the view.

The warmth on my skin
fire balls under the tree
I see the sun go.

Summer here again
music plays sweetly, drifting
people are happy.

An afternoon breeze
feeling the afternoon air
leaves starting to fall.

Haiku by Gloria

Spring is really here
flowers are starting to bloom.
Sunshine fills the air.

Leaves down every where.
Lots of colors through the year.
Fall is almost here!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Tankas by Gloria

Beautiful mountains
Rivers with cold, cold water
White cold sow on rocks
Trees over the place with frost.
White sparkly snow everywhere

Shadows dance around
trees waving branches wildly
leaves cracking loudly
the glistening, clear blue sky
an intricate web of life.

On a sunny day,
When the leaves are shimmery, 
colorful, and bright,
it is clear to all who see
trees are lovely in the breeze.

A bright, sunny sight
daisies light a dark morning
Add siles, serene thoughts
sadness will be kept at bay
happiness "rules" a good day.

Tanka by Mycah

Pretty colored trees
That are purple, yellow, red
Twirlig leaves in sky
Surrounded by the white fence
And the sky shining bright blue.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sensory/Emotion Poems

Sadness by Hunter
Sadness is bruised purple,
It sounds like someone crying.
It smells like death.
It tastes like salty tears.
It looks like red faces
Sadness feels like heart break.

Peace by Aeryn 
It sounds like cats purring.
It smells like roses.
It tastes like candy.
It looks like a picnic.
peace feels like having fun.

Joy by Aeryn
Joy is bright yellow.
it sounds like laughter.
it smells like pudding.
It tastes like pomegranates
It looks like a sunset.
joy feels like a warm blanket.

Anger by Aeryn
Anger is dark red.
It sounds like cybals crashing together.
It sells like burt popcorn.
It tastes like bitterroot.
It looks like a town after a tornado.
Anger feels like a storm raging inside of you.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sam's Alphabet Poem

Atrociously ugly, can sometimes go
Ballistic. His kitty
Cat Claws
Delve into empty points during an
Extremely petty argument.
Freakishly ugly, it's
Hideous, disgusting,
I want to throw up!
Jumpy, spastic, his actions make me
Leering across the aisle, so scary, it
Makes me tremor, clench my fists in terror.
Nullity to his actions, my anger
Over the top. Everyone is
Peeping, stealing looks, an eighth as pretty as a
Quail, we could put him in a zoo, a sign says,
"Retching Affair!" His choices are
Slippery, there's always a catch.
Taller than us all, we'll barf while looking
Up! I am
Vexed by his insolent in perplexity,
White lies so visible. Not my friend
Xavier, he's Garret. Thinks he's so old, but
Zany, odd, strange, all are Garrett.


Limericks by Aeryn
There once was a hollabalu.
It happened one night in a zoo.
A punch was then thrown,
A guy let out a groan,
Then the security guard said we're through.

There once was a very old bear.
He didn't have very much hair.
He was diagnosed by a tick,
and it turned out he was sick,
so he retreated back into his lair.

Limericks by Eliana
There once was a dog named Berry
Who's life was quite merry
He was very brave
All the way to the grave
In which his favorite bone was berried.

Once upon a time, in a far away land
There lives a cranky and lonely old man
He was quite a grouch
He always sat on his couch
If a hug can't cure him nothing can.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Metaphor Poems

Family by Anissa
Dad is the tree trunk
  holding us all together
Mom the branches
  strong and gentle.
My brother the small
  leaves fragile.
Sunshine the bird chirping
  and singing
Sampson and Dalyla the dogs
T he twigs holding the leaves and the blossoms, and
Me the blossom
  blooming and shriveling
    all year.

Books by Aeryn
Books are pathways to new lands.
The words are the adventure, the people, and things,
The pages are the world that holds my dreams.
The binding is the sense that keeps things together,
The cover is the atmosphere, protecting us from space,
 and causing weather.

Family by Kaden
My family is a mighty house.
My dad is the skeleton,
sturdy and strong,
My mom’s the electric lines,
which help us do what we do.
My sister is the walls,
And she helps cover up small cracks.
My dogs are the flooring,
So we can run around in joy, and
I am the decor,to add meaning and value to  my house.

Family by Eliana
My family is a river.
My Dad is the steady flow that keeps things going.
My Mom is the bank, keeping the river and everything in it together, making sure all is well.
Jakob, my oldest brother, is the fish lazily swimming back and forth, just going with the flow.
I am a tadpole, almost grown, and my brother Josiah is a frog, constantly fighting over lily pads.
P.J. our cat is a water snake, a black flash in the water eating anything he can get.
Annie, our dog, is a big rock in the middle of everything.
Willow is a cattail, hiding among twisting roots and plants, closely secured to the bank.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Color Poems

Red by Kaitlyn
Red is the color of the sunset
Red is the color of the sun,
Red is the color of blood.
Red is the color of the stripes on our flag.
Red smells like death.
Red tastes like strawberry.
Red sounds like a gunshot.
Red looks like a path to death.
Red feels like sadness.
Red makes me cry.
Red is a color of our freedom.

Pink by Eliana
Pink is the color of spring flowers.
Pink is the sunset and sunrise.
Pink is happy and bright.
Pink is the color of my mom’s pajamas.
Pink sells like fancy perfume.
Pink tastes like sweet, sticky cotton candy.
Pink sounds like a baby’s laugh.
Pink feels like soft fluffy clouds.
Pink makes me smile wide.
Pink is the color of willows nose.

Green by Aeryn
Green is the polluted river.
Green is what I feel when I’m sick and envious.
Green is walking in a field of flowers and clover.
Green is the bushes growing on the side of the road.
Green smells like crushed leaves in the palm of my hand.
Green tastes like sipping tea outside.
Green sounds like critters chirping in the tall grass.
Green looks like leaves rustling in the wind.
Green feels like a lazy day in the middle of summer.
Green makes me feel like sitting around doing nothing.

Green is the thumb of a plant expert.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Personification Poems

-Pencil Sharpener- by Eliana
Gobbles my pencil,
And gives it a shave,
Then spits it back out
Quit pleased with it's dinner

-Mr. Rock- by Eliana
He wears a coat of moss
He stands still, looking like a boss
His face is hard, he show no emotion
While he looks over the riverbank
Helping the minnows and tadpoles along

-Backpack- by Dylan A.
I unzip his mouth
Reach for my books he ate
Feed it my homework
It climbs on my back and goes wherever I go.

-Tape Dispenser- by Dylan A.
Reaches its sticky tongue out
I rip it off with its teeth
Keeps my stuff together
It has a serious under-bite too.

-Mirror- by Hailey
Mirror, mirror on the wall-
Whether big or very small,
Women look at you I vain
In hopes to see themselves young again.
But you close their eyes you whisper lies-
“You’re dirty! You’re ugly! You’re fat!”
You hold the in your iron vice
Making them tremble like so many mice.
Many girls have gone astray
Because of you and your evil ways.

-Waterfalls- by Aeryn
Rushing water over rocks.
Roaring in the forest deep into the night,
Freefalling down into a lake below,
Settling into a calm stillness
till it is disturbed again.

-Cars-by Kaden
I hear their engines howling, and barking
eatnig their owners and other things,
and apparently they don't taste good because
they eventually spit and barf them out.

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