Thursday, January 23, 2014

Alphabet Poem

Delicious Treats  by Lissette

Act II popcorn, melty yellow butter
Butterfinger, peanutty flavor
Cheetos, crunchy spicy flavor
Doritos, cheesie corn chips
Eclipse, cools your mouth with minty gum
Fritos, twirly sweet flavor
ummy bears, squishy sweet and sour yummies
Hershys triangular chocolate candy
Ice pops, sweet, cold flavory pops
Jolly Rancers are sour hard candies
Kit kat is cruncy chocolate
Laffy Taffy is chewy,with a flavory taste
M & M's have a chocolaty shell
Nestles's candies are like paradise
Oreo's are creamy from the inside
Pretzals are salty baked bread
Quaker's Oatmeal is a good breakfast
Rice Krispies treats are oh so good
Skittles are sweet and sour
Twix's caramel, mmm...better
U-no drinks and candy....tasty
Valentines treats are sweet
Wonka Candy comes sweet and sour
Xing tea is good and refreshing
Yahoo! chocolate milk
Zero bars, eat after faking a run.

Friday, January 17, 2014

I Am, I Was, I Will Be Poem

This type of poem has 3 parts. Each part is made up of 3 stanzas.  The first two words are given and the student fills in the rest. This was created by Kaitlyn B.


I am a writer
I wonder about the world
I hear wonderful things
I see beautiful sites
I want to be a writer because
I am a believer

I pretend I am the best writer the world has ever seen
I feel the pencil writing all the words
I touch the cover of my new book
I worry I won't be published
I cry just thinking about it

I understand that it will be okay
I say it will happen one day
I dream about being the best writer
I try to do my best
I hope I will not fail
I am knowing I am doing my best


I was born
I wondered about everything
I heard a bird
I saw it fly
I wanted to believe
I was in the sky

I pretended to go over the rainbows
I felt the wind on my cheeks
I touched the water
I worried sometimes that I couldn't fly
I cried about it but hey
I was just a little girl

I then understood it was the birds that could fly
I said fine but
I still dreamed of going high
I tried but it didn't go well
I hoped to go on a plane and soar so high
I was loving just the thought


I will love my family
I will wonder about my ancestors
I will hear my family  laugh
I will see them cry
I will want to comfort them
I will be right there by their side

I will pretend they're with me even if they're not there
I will feel loved everywhere I am
I will touch the things they hand down
I will worry when they're in the hospital
I will cry when they die
I will be okay because

I will understand
I will say they're in a better place
I will dream they are right there with me
I will try my best to make the rest of my family feel better
I will hope for wonderful things to happen
I will be the caregiver
I will see the

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Darkness by Eliana T

Darkness, is a thing that looms before you.
Bedtime, is a thing that fills you with fear.
There you are, cowering under the covers,
As the wall of black sweeps over you, demolishing any source of precious light.
You gather the courage to peek out from under your pillow.
Shadows sweep their arms around you, swallowing you into their endless gloom.
you duck to the cover of your pillow, but darkness pursues its prey.
You shed a tear and wail for daddy, but you know this is the end.
The bulb in your night light is burnt out.
Your candle no longer exists.
your dog can't help but chew on that lamp wire,
And you simply can't reach that light switch.
There's no safe haven to run to,
And as darkness wraps around you,
You can only lay there when the sliver of hope pierces the night. Streams of the light pour over me, fighting back the black wall.
I break free from my blankets.
Wonderful, beautiful light wraps me in its arms.
I look up into the night sky...
I can almost see the moon smile.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reality Sucks by Kamryn C.

Reality tells her that she's not meant to be here
The cuts on her arms are there to tell her
She acts like she's fine.
But they know she isn't
The one person she counts on
Whispers the secrets that stab her in the back.
At night when no one's around
She can't control it and she breaks down.
An invisible rope around her neck
A perfect jump off of the deck
They say do it
So she's gone
Now people say how she's so beautiful.
They betray her and go behind her back
She has many cuts and burns under her clothes
But it's just a mark on her body people say
And it takes the pain away
She likes the way it looks
It tells her how she's just trash
People say show me, show me
And she says it's not that easy
She sees them and she's temped to grab it
the shiny sharp silver thing lying across the room
She doesn't want to let them win
But it just kind of happens
So then she lost the game
As a floating piece of shame.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Untitled Poem by Nina A

They say life is good
They say life is great
But to me, it's full of hate
The mean names and comments seem to carry on
It's nothing new
When I enter reality, I want to crawl back into my shell
But there's one thing stopping me, the school bell
should I skip, it's only for a few
'No' I tell myself, I refuse
As I walk into homeroom, all eyes are on me
I let it slide and let it be
I take my seat ear the back
I don't like to draw attention or anything like that
The bell rings indicating class is over
I walk towards my locker but felt a leg making me trip and fall over
The hallway roared with laughter
And everyone looks at me
Tears threaten to fall and I let them be free
I ran to the bathroom and locked myself in a stall
I leaned as my back slid against the wall
I should just and this all
Nobody would notice I'm gone
I see something shiny out of the corner of my eye
Well, I guess this means goodbye
I reach out forward but jerk my hand back
No, I will not let them win
But I feel defeat
I will show them that I am strong
And I will show them, I am not weak

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day Three Poetry Unit

Homework by Reegan C.

Why do they tell you what to do?
What to wear?
What to say?

Why do they tell you what to do?
Because all we want to do is play
Because all we want to do is say

Why do they tell you what to do?
After all of the work that is done
After all of the work that was no fun

It's not school or work or a job
This thing I do makes me sob
I don't know what it's called, but
y big spirit will just fall

Why do they tell you what to do?
There will be no songs
There will be no getting along

Why do they tell you what to do?
Why don't we start a riot?
Why are we still quiet?

Why do they tell you what to do?
My feelings are down
My feelings show a frown

I want to stay up all night
I want to stay until the sky has light
I want to have happiness and joy
I want to have nothing to annoy,
me any longer
I couldn't have a boss stranger,
meaner, more hateful
a traitor to his own kind!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day two of Poetry Unit : An Alphabet Poem by Eliana T.


Animals, all shapes and sizes
Bees that buzz
Cats that meow
Ducks that paddle 'round the pond
Even worms and tiny bugs
Forever tunneling through the mud
Guinea pigs with chubby legs
Horses that munch on hay
In the pasture, cows and pigs
Just talking about the farmers 'biz
Kangaroos rule down under
Lions roars boom like thunder
Monkeys gobble banana peels
None of 'em worry how their tummy feels
Octopuses argue with the eels
Parrots tease the penguins 'bout no flight
Quails scurry through the brush in a
Rush, no time to wait for them
To come and gobble you up.
Unicorns, they don't exist
Vultures never will be missed
Walruses sunning on the rocks
Xantus, a type of bird of which no one has ever heard
Yaks refuse to brush their fur, it's just absurd
Zebras stomp their hooves in anger, 'cause they just hate come last.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Yea! It's Poetry Time Again

We came back from winter break and started our unit on poetry.  I absolutely love it. I asked my students to write a poem of their choice and form. I wanted to get a feel for what they could do. The following students have given me permission to post their poetry.  You will find more to come as they write more.  They will be writing 21 different types of poetry. So sit back and enjoy.  If you feel so inclined, please leave an positive, encouraging message for these students. Some of them are dark and could be construed as depressing.  They definitely reflect what the students are reading and what they see happening around them.

Bright Colored Pencil  by Rim A.                               
So much depends upon                                                 
a bright colored pencil,                                                 
Ready for writing stories                                                
and ready for creativity.                                                 

This poem is by Elizabeth M.
She knew how to draw a pretty picture
Only there was a twist
The razor was her brush
And the canvas was her wrist

Dandelions by Sarah Y.      
Dandelions, each
A special wish, Blow on it,
Watch it float on air                                        

Crayons by Kea K.
Red and yellow, blue and pink
Each and everyone's unique.
Sharp and dull and thick and thin
I'd rather use them than a pen!

Quatrain by Justin N.                                                  
Going up the court                                                         
I wanted to abort                                                         
Then I got a free                                                            
and made my team go "wee"                                       

Winter by Ngan    
It all depends upon
leaves falling down lightly
trees tilting over slightly
showing fall is gone.                                                                                

Winter has approached us
snow is nowhere around
yet playing is a must
for winter we found.

Winter has approached us
snow is nowhere around
yet playing is a must
for winter we found.

Acrostic Poem by Whitney
Through thick and thin they help and care for one another.
Every one participating in the activity enjoys themself.
And if someone isn't participating they can still be a part of the tea by cheering them on.

More than one player working together to reach and/or complete a common goal.
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