Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Word of the Day - Quaint

This poem for the word of the day was written by one of my eighth graders, Christopher


You are different in many ways
You are awkward
Through all of your days

You might be old
or act that way
You are antique
But that makes you unique

What does this mean
What's the definition?
But you can't help
Your quaint position.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

2020 Word of the Year

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Choose to Move

     I have chosen the word MOVE for my Word of the Year. There was so much negativity in my life last year that I felt stuck. After a conversation with my husband about how negative things felt in our house the word popped into my head. Over the break I lost my publicist, my husband lost his aunt, a childhood friend, and his cousin. My daughter pointed out how negative we seemed when we returned our grandkids to her. I hate feeling negative. Our news is negative and that carries over into conversations everywhere.

     This negativity has a tendency to drag everyone down. I hear someone at school berate someone else. I can choose to join in and drag myself down or choose to ignore and MOVE on. I can listen to my mind tell me I will fail at something or MOVE on. For two years I have let this negativity in my head cause me to come to a crossroads and a standstill. I am choosing to MOVE forward past the negativity, to believe in myself when my brain or others try to bring me down. I choose to make decisions that will only MOVE me forward. 

     My husband and I have also chosen to MOVE forward with getting healthier. This means a lifestyle change. We are moving forward on our plan to eat Paleo and MOVE more through exercise. 
For these reasons, I have chosen the word MOVE.

Student example

Today was the first day back for students. For their journals, they are given a word of the day. They can write whatever they want, however, they want. I want to share what my student Lanette wrote.

Quaint - Unusual or different in character or appearance. This word is a word that  I didn't know until today. I like that we started the second-semester learning and writing about words. Quaint, for some reason I like that word. I will try to use it from now on If I'm being honest, quaint sounds like an object that boats or ships use. It's also a little funny when you think about it Some synonyms are charming or vintage, which I believe fit perfectly.

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