Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Re-Igniting the Writing Passion

I truly feel  bad that I don't do more with this site. It has become difficult to keep up with my job and all of its new responsibilities. I also read and review books. So sometimes between those two things and taking care of my mother who lives with us, my writing gets shoved aside. I worked hard this year to get my students to join me in NaNoWriMo.  They so inspired me that when we had a three day weekend I told my family I was doing no school work I was writing. I did just that for three days. We are sixteen days into NaNoWriMo and at the end of those three days I was over 42,000 words. I isolated myself away from all noise and distraction and wrote.  I didn't check email, or visit family and friends on Facebook. I simply sat and wrote.  Today I opened my email and found a post by David Villalva of the Lucid Storyteller. It is a great article about fear.  However, when I went to his site I found several other things that were a big help. He has an infographic on three ways to create a villain. What is so beneficial about this is he uses stories we are all familiar with to demonstrate this. He has allowed us to use it on our site. So here it is for you. You really need to check out his site because he has some great resources.

For the infographic click here.
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