Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Have Nothing To Write

During state testing week, I had only one day where I saw all of my students. I had my students write a story and several of them said they didn’t know what to write.  This student found a solution to her problem.  I keep telling students if they can't think of anything then they just need to write whatever pops into their heads  The following is printed with Chey’s permission.  She did write a proper story after this.

            I can’t find anything to write sitting in my mom’s car, where my bag was.  I’m trying to figure out something to write and maybe after my little sister and older sister are done fighting, we can leave for school.  But, I also have nothing to write.  Wait, do you hear that?  Yea, that nothing?  They’ve stopped fighting.  Awesome!  I wonder if we could leave?  I’m ready, Chantel’s ready, Kai’s ready.  Is Manny ready?  Wow, I should scratch out that baby talk but I have nothing to write about, and I need at least 650 words.  But, I have nothing to write about. 

            Oh, there goes my aunt and my cousins. “Bye.”  I’ll be back I have to fix something.  I’m back baby.  Wow sitting here with paper in my hand just sitting in a car trying to find something to write, and now I just wrote allover my arm.  Oops!

            Wow my sisters are going to be late.  It’s not my fault.  I’m ready.  I’m already in the car so now what?   I have nothing to write and my hair is messy and we’re going to be late.  Cool!  Oh crasp!  We have to do that FCAT thing and I forgot all about that, Oh and we’re getting report cards.  Oh my gooooodness.  I’m going to die.  Oh no, I hear someone coming. Oh no!  Never mind.  Ewww, I hate you people.  The people that live next to us.  I mean in front.  They are leaving.  Gone.  Now I can do something.  I realize when I wrote that I thought I would have to go.  Oh well.  Everyone is in the car now, screaming, yelling, so blah.  I live with screaming and yelling all the time.  Help me!

Driving to my older sister’s  bus stop in peace.  Finally.  Wait, never mind.  Well she’s gone.  I live with so many people it’s crazy.  I live with seven girls and they have big mouths.  It is really getting old.  But, enough about that.  I still have nothing to write about.  000-000-0000.  Mommy’s on the phone with Gammies, my granda.  She lives  far, far away.  I miss you.  Bye, love ya.

Fire station 4 has just been passed by a white van. I mean an ugly white van.I’m sorry for this dumb story.  I’ve just gotta get this finished.  Plus, I’ve got nothing to write about.
Hah! Now mom is trying to give us the “respect” talk.  Booo.  Help me again.
“Chey, daddy says he loves you”, said Kai.
“I love you too daddy. I said”
I said that by Wakeland where my sister goes to school. 

“Go mom”.  The light turns green and she finally goes.  We pulled in to my sister’s school.. Wow I see my old school, weird.  I see these little kids with their backpacks so big and them so small.  Ha, ha.  Well bye old school.  Coming to the light here and we have to turn right, go straight, curvy, school limit 20.  My mom slows down.  The lady waves and mom waves back, then turns into the school.
I’ll be back.  I’m back.  I’m in the gym listening to music so bored here.

I’ve read this all.  It doesn’t make any sense.  Sorry, I’ve wasted your time teacher but,  I have nothing to write about
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