Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Student Writing Myths

Our sixth graders are currently working on myths from different cultures.  One of my students shared a Greek myth he wrote for his World History class.  Ryan has given me permission to share it with you.

Greko's Great Adventures and Misfortunes by R.B.

Today Greko of Athens is told by his mother to go to the agora, or market, and get one slice of fish and two cakes. "Okay Mother!" says Greko.  Greko skips along the way to the door and grabs the papyrus basket and the red hooded cape that is waiting beside the door.  As he leaves the house, his mother shouts after him, "Go around the forest! Don't go through it."  He nods and continues to skip along the way to the agora.

A few minutes later Greko arrives at the agora.  He looks for the bakery for a few seconds, and then he finds it and skips along towards it.  He asks the baker for two cakes then leaves when the baker gives them to him.  "Avtio, Greko!" shouts the baker.  Greko looks at the sky and sees that the sun is setting.  Greko hurriedly runs over to the fish stand and asks for a slice of fish.  The fish man can sense that Greko is in a hurry so he quickly gives him a slice of fish.

He remembers mother saying not to go into the forest, but the sun is almost down and he needs to be home with teh fish and the cakes!  He runs through the forest, and snags his red hooded cape on a twig and rips the part of the hooded cape off and continues to run through the dark, scary, and haunted forest.

As Greko gets deeper into the dark forest, he starts to slow down.   Greko hears a voice that seems to be coming very close but he cannot see where it is coming from.  "What's in the basket, kid?" asks the voice.  Greko answers "Fish and some cakes." The voice speaks again, "Give me the basket then, I'm really hungry." Greko locates the voice and looks down at...

A head!  Wow, Greko thinks,  It isn't like blood and gore and broken bones as most people would think.
"Where is the rest of your body, Mr. um, Mr. Head?"
The head sighs and mumbles something to himself.  "I never had a body, or a neck.  Now give me the basket!" the head  snarls.  "Or what, you'll bite off my toes?" Greko returns.  The head gasps.  "How did you know?"  Greko looks down at his feet, then the head, then back at his feet.  "It was a random guess."  Greko replies.  "Just give me the basket!" the head snarls.  Greko takes a few steps back.  "Get back here!"  the head yells.  The head starts to use his tongue to 'paddle' over to Greko.  When the head gets close enough Greko kicks the head over the canopy of the forest, screaming all the way.

Greko resumes running through the forest after he could no longer hear the head.  Thankfully he had arrived home. also before the sun is about to set.  But mother was watching him as he came out of the forest.  She also had her arms crossed.  Frowning.  With a really big paddle in her had.  There was a hole in the roof of the house.  Mr. Head was next to her.  The last thing I remember was mother walking toward me and raising the paddle and heard a loud crack!  Then everything went black.  I also remember drifting in and out of consciousness and hearing a voice that sounded suspiciously like Mr. Head saying: "Wake him up so you can whack him again!"

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