Tuesday, January 7, 2020

2020 Word of the Year

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Choose to Move

     I have chosen the word MOVE for my Word of the Year. There was so much negativity in my life last year that I felt stuck. After a conversation with my husband about how negative things felt in our house the word popped into my head. Over the break I lost my publicist, my husband lost his aunt, a childhood friend, and his cousin. My daughter pointed out how negative we seemed when we returned our grandkids to her. I hate feeling negative. Our news is negative and that carries over into conversations everywhere.

     This negativity has a tendency to drag everyone down. I hear someone at school berate someone else. I can choose to join in and drag myself down or choose to ignore and MOVE on. I can listen to my mind tell me I will fail at something or MOVE on. For two years I have let this negativity in my head cause me to come to a crossroads and a standstill. I am choosing to MOVE forward past the negativity, to believe in myself when my brain or others try to bring me down. I choose to make decisions that will only MOVE me forward. 

     My husband and I have also chosen to MOVE forward with getting healthier. This means a lifestyle change. We are moving forward on our plan to eat Paleo and MOVE more through exercise. 
For these reasons, I have chosen the word MOVE.

Student example

Today was the first day back for students. For their journals, they are given a word of the day. They can write whatever they want, however, they want. I want to share what my student Lanette wrote.

Quaint - Unusual or different in character or appearance. This word is a word that  I didn't know until today. I like that we started the second-semester learning and writing about words. Quaint, for some reason I like that word. I will try to use it from now on If I'm being honest, quaint sounds like an object that boats or ships use. It's also a little funny when you think about it Some synonyms are charming or vintage, which I believe fit perfectly.

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