Thursday, October 2, 2014

Student Narrative: Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire by Trinity M.
594 Words

                Sam wants to be friends with all types of dragons. He wants to be able to talk to them without them roasting him like a chicken and eating hi whole. Kelly’s been trying to help him go talk to the one that lives in the cave up the steep hill that’s across the street from his house. She made an experiment that freezes fire. Sam doesn’t want anyone to know he wants a dragon to be his friend. He thinks the town’s people will send him up to the dragon and make him fight the dragon.

                Kelly says, “How about I come with you on your hike to meet the dragon tomorrow?”

                “Okay, I’ll let you come, but only if you have the experiment you made up,” Sam said.

                “Alright, should I bring lunch for us and the dragon tomorrow? Asked Kelly.

Yes definitely, and some extra for our possibly new dragon friend,” said Sam.

                When they set out to meet the dragon, Sam stumbled on his first step on the hill. “Should we turn back while we are still living?” Sam asked.

                “If we turn away now, no one will ever know if dragons are friendly,” Kelly said.

                My favorite fruit is peaches, though Kevin and when I find them, I gather up as many as I can. If there is ever a book that I see by a fruit patch and no one is around, I pick it up and take it back to my cave ad look at it while eating my fruit. Today I did what I normally do different. I stayed out because it felt so nice out and I ate in the forest and looked at my book. When flying back to my cave, I found a surprise waiting at my cave entrance. It looked like two kids who had just finished climbing the treacherous hill that leads to my cave. As I flew in closer to look, I saw it was a little girl and a boy with a basket. When I flew in and landed next to them, they looked surprised, but not afraid. I spoke first trying to find out if they were looking for someone around here, or were just new to town. They looked astonished that I could even say anything. I asked if they would like to come in. At first they stared at each other and slowly nodded yes. When they first stepped in they were amazed at how big the cave was.

                “Can we look at your books?” was the first thing the kids asked Kevin.

                “You can, but first what is your name? Kevin asked.

                “I’m Sam and this is Kelly, what’s your name?

                “I’m Kevin the dragon.”

                Sam asked, “Kevin will you be friends with me and Kelly?

                “I’d like to so very much.”

                “That’s great! Thank you so much Kevin. Is anyone hungry? We brought lunch,” said Kelly.

                “Yes,” said Sam and Kevin at the same time.

                Kevin then said, “Please both come back whenever you want after today.”

                For lunch they had all different kinds of meat that Kelly and Sam had brought. Kevin had peaches to share. After eating lunch Kevin let both ids tae a book with them as long as they returned it when they finished it. Then Sam and Kelly left to head home with their books. They came back each day to see Kevin. Now Sam is no longer afraid of dragon fire and he has a friend that’s a dragon like he had always wanted.

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