Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Student Narrative: Safe

Safe by Jaye K.
662 Words

                "Shhhh! Hush child!" my dad Kica hissed. We were hunting and he saw something move out in the distance. There was a deer! He slowly raised his needle sharp spear, perfectly made by e of course, and pointed it at the animal. He threw the spear and struck it right in the side. Plot! It immediately fell down.

                “Yet another point for me and still zero for you.” Kica laughed haughtily as he hoisted the bloody animal onto his back. Then we headed to the trail and back to the village.

                “Hello Chief Kica,” said one of the villagers. A man came and took the deer from Kica to store for dinner. Our village was not the greatest or the biggest, but it was home. There were tents, a fire pit and some huts.

                “Hachi, Hachi,” Lanca shouted, “You’re back!” She ran up to me and gave me a big hug. “Hey Lanca, what’s the matter?” Her eyes were full of fear and her face was so pale. “I have to show you something. Come on!” Lanca whispered sharply as she grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the edge of the village. “Lanca! What is going on?” I asked. She continued to drag me across the village and then stopped at the hill that looks over the blank area of grass where we hunt. My mouth fell open in shock. Now I knew why Lanca looked so scared. There were a dozen people in blue clothing with metal sticks in their hands coming right towards us.

                “Come Lanca we have to tell Kica!” I said as we started to run back to the village, and into the hut where Kica was. “Kica there are people coming, a lot of people coming!” I yelled.

                “Haichi, there is no one here but us. No one is coming here.” Kica said firmly.

                “But…but.” Lanca mumbled

                “No buts now go wash up in the river. Hachi go help prepare dinner.”

                “Daddy there are people coming, he’s telling the truth. You have to come see NOW” Lanca put her hands on her hips and just looked right at him. Her voice was confident and demanding. She looked just lie mom did before her death many years ago. Lanca walked to the hill with me and Kica behind. Kica looked out over the hunting pasture as we approached the top of the hill. Then lightening quick he was back down the hill and already running towards the village.

                He barked out orders. Men get your weapons, prepare for battle—women, grab your children and head into the cave opening on the other side of the hill!” I started to head to the cave with Lanca when my father stopped me.

                “Son, I need you to fight with us. Would you be willing to fight?” he asked. I looked around at the village, a couple of men against a dozen men in blue; I just knew I needed to help.

                “I will do it,” I said even thought I was unsure of what to do.

                “Lanca get to the cave, now!” Kica yelled. Lanca ran full speed to the hill and up and over the other side.

                “Get ready men,” Kica whispered sharply as he ducked down into the bushes. All of the other men did the same as did I. The next minutes went so fast. The men came. Midi, the second best hunter after Kica rushed out of the bushes and startled a man in blue. The man turned and shot him. Then everyone ran out and started to fight. People were shot in the back with arrows, villager’s shot dead. After about three men died, the men in blue turned and ran out of the village, and into the forest across from the hunting pasture. We WON! Not all was good; Kica had been shot in the arm. The women and children came out of the cave opening and over the hill. Lanca rushed over to Kica.

                “Daddy are you going to die!” Lanca asked between sobs, tears running down her face.

                “No, I’m not going to die, but I won’t be okay for a while.” He responded in the bravest voice he could. He cleaned his arm and bandaged it. Now I know that our village, our home is safe. I am safe as long as I have Kica with me.

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