Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Creature Alliteration Poems

The Creature Alliteration poems are some of my favorite. They are fun and trying to find alliterative words to work with each poem is a challenge I gladly accept.

This is a bearian.
A bearian lies in big, brown, baskets.
A bearian eats broccoli, berries, and brownies.
A bearian likes balloons, beach balls and books.
A bearian browsed the books in the bookstore.
My bearian brought black blocks of bees to the bank.

This is a catarian.
A catarian lives in cool, concrete catacombs.
A catarian eats cabbage, cottage cheese and crabs.
A catarian likes cartoons, cars, and cavemen.
A catarian climbed a crunchy, candy cane.
My catarian crept into my cabin and caused chaos.

This is a lizardian.
A lizardian lives in luscious, lavender, lilac trees.
A lizardian eats lemons, limes and lollipops.
A lizardian likes laughing loudly on ladders.
A lizardian lazily lounges on leaves.
My lizardian licked my left leg.


This is a flowerian.
A flowerian lives in flaming flatulent flatlands.
A flowerian eats flaky, flavorless, flatbread.
A flowerian likes flying and flip flops.
A flowerian floated to the flapping flag.
My flwerian flaunted her fleshy flatworms.

This is a dragonia.
A dragonian lives in drafty, drab dressers.
A dragonian eats droopy, drippy, drumsticks.
A dragonian likes dreamy, dry dreadlocks.
A dragonian dropped his drapes and drills down the drain.
My dragonian dragged his drink across the driveway.

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