Monday, May 9, 2022

My Alphabet Poems

 Here are some of my Alphabet Poems I have given students as examples for their poetry.


Alligators are the state reptile

Beautiful beaches are everywhere

Cape Canaveral is where you find the Kennedy Space Center

Delightful climate any time of year

Everglades most beautiful untouched area

Fort Castillo de San Marcos is one of the oldest forts in Florida

Gulf of Mexico has calmer waters

History is Everywhere

Ibis a bird with a long hooked beak

Jacksonville has ten state and national parks

Key West is the southernmost part of Florida

Lake Okeechobee is known as the river of grass

Magic is found at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Native Americans from Florida are the Seminoles

Orange juice is the state beverage

Panthers are the state animal

Quiet can be found all over Florida

Rest by one of the many rivers then visit

Saint Augustine the oldest city in Florida

Tourism is our main income

Unique attractions can be found here

Variety of birds and other animals

Weather and wildlife bring back visitors

Xeriscaping is the best way to landscape and save water

Year round growing season

Zebra Longwings are the state butterfly


Attitued is everything                                                

Begin with an idea                                                     

Create Your own world                                              

Dialogue with Characters                                          

Edit, Edit, Edit                                                            

Find your voice                                                          

Gather it all together                                                 

Hook your readers                                                     

Inspire through imagination                                      

Journal daily                                                   

Keep writing                                                               

Laugh often                                                                

Magic through motivation                                         

Negativity has no place

Observe everything

Plan and pace yourself.

Quality over quantity.

Read and revise

Set the tone

Themes are universal

Understand your dreams

Vary your style

What-ifs give you ideas.

Xerox copies

You will mark up

Zoom off to another story



Amazingly beautiful

Crooked, different

Enchanting forests

Gracing homes

Immense jewels

Knotty leafy

Majestic nature

Offering peaceful, quiet,

Remarkable steadfast

Towering unique

Vibrant Woods




Unique Animals
Aye-Ayes are mammals that use echolocation.
Borneo Rainbow Toads are very colorful.
Cassowary is a large flightless bird that can’t fly, but runs thirty miles per hour.
Dumbo Octopi has fins that look like Dumbo’s ears.
Echidna is an egg-laying mammal that looks like a hedgehog.
Fossa are filled neck lizards.
Glasswing butterflies have clear see through wings.
Hooded seals have inflatable skull hoods and nasal balloons.
Indri is a type of lemur found in Madagascar.
Japanese Macque is a medium sized monkey found in Japan.
Kakapos never fly but hike miles through hilly forests.
Leafy Sea-Dragons have leaf like appendages used for camouflage.
Mantis Shrimp have some of the most powerful claws.
Numbats are pouchless marsupials that eat termites.
Okapis are related to giraffes and have zebra like stripes on their behind.
Pikas look like rodents but are related to rabbits.
Quokkas make runways through tall grasses.
Red-lipped batfish are known for their bright red lips.
Sunda flying lemurs glide as it leaps from tree to tree.
Thorny dragons are a type of lizard that eats only ants.
Ukari are monkies that have bright pink to red faces.
Voles are a type of rodent.
Wetapunga look like giant grasshoppers.
X-ray tetra have translucent skin so you can see its backbone.
Yeti Crab have long hairy arms.
Zebra Duiker have twelve – sixteen stripes between their shoulders and hips.

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