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Here we go again.  Today I have a part of a story written by another of my wonderful sixth graders. Enjoy.  Please leave Positive Comments.

Elizabeth B.
1,444 words

     My name is Raven Vert, and I have a mission. With, of course, my only friends. I am going to do something that no one, absolutely no one, has ever done before. I know that it sounds like a very cheesy thing to say, but what this really is, is not cheesy at all.

     It’s a place that is hidden. It’s difficult to find, unless you know what you are looking for. I do. I live In Maine with my two sisters, Chelsea and Stephanie, and with my parents. I have two friends, John and Percy. They are the people who are accompanying me on this mission. They are my only friends. I live on a hill, three blocks away from the hidden place. John lives one block away from me, and Percy lives right across from the hidden place. He always complains how loud it is over there, how creepy it is a night. Everybody is afraid of that place, everybody in the neighborhood.

     Everybody except us. John, Percy, And I. Every Wednesday, Our only free day, we all go to the hidden place. We can’t ever get past it. See, the problem is that we aren’t even scared of the forest, it is just that we can’t get by it.

     There are giant bulky trees surrounding the perimeter of the forest. Each of the trees, only one centimeter apart, stands at least one hundred fifty feet tall. Wickedly thick trunks at the bottom. We have tried to get ten arms, stretched out, on the front of the tree with no success. Humongous green leaves as big as my face hang from the trees. The branches hang so low, and the leaves never fall off of the tree. Never. Even in the most brutal of all storms, Not a single leaf has ever came off one of those trees. Scientists haven’t even come up with a scientific name for it and well, its because they don’t know anything about it. Every Wednesday, after school, we go to the hidden place now as you know, the hidden forest. With parents permission, of course.

     You see, when we ask out parents to go there, we don’t specifically say what we are doing. We say we are going to do homework there. We do. Sometimes. But we don’t tell them what we do after that. Our goal is to get past the impenetrable forest.

     We have tried everything. Well, everything we can think of. I had an idea, and this particular Wednesday I will be able to put it into play.

     Today is Wednesday. I am eating breakfast and staring out the window. I am so excited to use my idea. I can hardly think of anything else. My favorite color is green because when I look outside, I see green, all green. The drop-off from our hill, the sun rising, sets a bright glow to all the greenery. Right across from us is a creek, the highlight of our neighborhood. One side of the community is all of the houses, and the whole other side is occupied by the creek. The road is neatly paved and all of the houses look completely different. Just like my house is the only house in the community that is one story, and painted yellow. We are the only ones as well that have a backyard. Small bushes surround our whole property. We have a whole swing set in the back, and also a garden with all different vegetables. I get ready for school ‘Arnold Tolkien Creek Middle’. Both of my sisters are in high school, and so they are still asleep. I hugged my parents, threw open the door, ran down our walkway and leaped onto the bus just as the driver gunned the engine and sped off to the place of education.

     “Everybody off!” the driver yelled to the kids. I shot out the door. I then trotted to my  home room, and sat down. Just then, my best friends John and Percy sat down on either side of me. John had dirty blond hair and brown eyes, Percy had black hair and blue eyes, while I had brown hair and unusual wild green eyes.
     ”Hey guys, I have an idea for mission impossible. But it will have to wait until after school when we are over there. I don’t want anybody to overhear us.” John exclaimed,                                  “What's mission impossible? Is it something that I don’t know about? If so, why didn’t anybody tell me?” I laughed. Then whispered,    
     ” No it’s the mission with the bulky trees that Percy lives across from. Remember?” Percy rolled his eyes.    
     “That was just the question you asked about the science test!”
     “So how did your dance practice go yesterday, John? And what about your soccer game Percy?” I asked. John replied in a hushed whisper.
     ”SSHH!! Keep it down! I don’t want anyone else to know about my dancing! Oh, and it went very well, thanks!” Then Percy,
     “Great! We won! It was a very tough game. As we advance, teams are getting much much tougher. How did your track team tryout go?” I felt proud.
     “Amazing!” I exclaimed, “And I got in! And by the way John, there is really nobody in here. It was John’s turn to roll his eyes. He scanned the room.
     “Yeah, except meanie Jenna over there.” Jenna was talking to her best friend Abby.

     Jenna was a very mean girl who had the same classes as John and took every chance she could to bully him. We have tried to get her to stop countless times, and also have talked to the administration about it. They said that they are working on getting her expelled for next year. She has blond hair and blue eyes, and everybody is her friend. But, she has reserved one person to be her best friend. She is, if you want to put her evilness into words, a lying, cheating, bullying person. And people love her. Want to be like her. She is very wealthy, and she criticizes people who are not.  I can’t understand why people want to be like her.

     I had just rolled my eyes and said,
     ”Hey, remember? We can go and play an instrument now, if we leave our homeroom teacher, Mr. Harrison a sticky note!”
     “Since when do you like playing the bass? I thought that you said that it was a waste of time and that is because you are not very good at it…..” Percy inquired.
     “SSHH!! Come on! Let’s just go!”

     So, they got through the rest of the day and got on the bus in a flash. As John, Percy, and I rode home on the bus, Percy exclaimed,
     “Wow! The school day went really fast.” “Yeah,” I agreed, “I already asked my parents to go to the impenetrable forest.”
     “Me too,” Percy and John replied in unison. We neared the place to get into the hidden place. We hopped off the bus and neared the drop off to the creek.

     Our routine was as usual. We started to climb on the rocks of the creek. From there, we crossed the creek and took a detour from the creek to a hidden cave filled with spider webs. We climbed through the cave , under the spider webs and came out to a clearing.

     The hidden place. It looked the same from last Wednesday. Same huge trees and leaves that don't look real, and the forbidden aroma.
     “Well guys, let’s set to work.” We sat down next to one of the trees.
     “Ok, so my idea is that we can….. climb up the trees! I mean, we have tried to go through the space in the trees and tried to go underground. I know, we even tried looking around all of the trees. But then, we haven’t thought hard enough. So, what else can we do? We can climb up the trees!” John perks up.
     “Oh my gosh, that is brilliant! I love it! You can try it out first, though!” ‘Some friends’ I thought to myself.
       “Fine,” Percy said, “I don’t believe it. I personally don’t think that you can do it.” 
     “Ok, then. I will show you that this can be done and that it will work.” As I  was explaining my thinking, I was also thinking,’ I’m scared. They call me brave, but I am terrified of breaking something, or dying!’
     All of a sudden, I stopped thinking. Instead it was replaced by either determination or foolishness, I could not pin-point it.
     “Ok, I’ll do it.”  I was terrified. I went to the nearest tree and I started climbing.

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