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Student Narrative: Even Superheroes Can Be Afraid – The Story of Solidman

Even Superheroes Can Be Afraid – The Story of Solidman
By Skyler K.
661 Words

            Everybody knows that there’s a lot of superheroes in this world. You know, Superman, Batman, Spiderman – the usual. But, you probably have ever heard of my superhero – his name is Solidman. He had an usual power. He could turn into any solid object by clicking his fingers. As you can imagine, this could be a very useful power. There was just one problem. Solidman was afraid to use his power because, there was one thing that could stop him for good – blitzoid.
            You see, Solidman came from a planet far away from earth. Years ago Solidman was forced to move off of his home planet. Then it exploded into a million pieces and fell onto the earth. These pieces of his home planet were radioactive and were called Blitzoid. For some reason, Solidman was horribly allergic to Blitzoid and it would melt the solid objects of matter that he turned into. This could spell doom for Solidman, and he was always in fear of that happening.
            One day he was walking down the street and saw a bunch of bullies picking on this kid who was kind of short. These bullies had been in a dark alley and the kid was walking by on the sidewalk. When he walked by they began coming towards him in a mean way. The kid bolted and began to run, but the bullies were faster and were almost on top of him. Then in a flash Solidman turned himself into a brick wall between the kid and the bullies, and the kid got away safe. That was the kind of thing Solidman could do. But, it was mostly little things that helped people like that kid. But, Solidman wanted to use his power in a bigger way.
            He got his chance one day. The town he lived in had a big hydroelectric dam at the end of a huge lake, fed by a river. One time it rained so hard that the water put a lot of pressure on the dam. It put a big hole I the middle of the dam and the water started coming out. Solidman heard the news and rushed to the dam just as it was going to burst. However, the water in this lake came from a big mountain nearby and that was where some of the Blitzoid had fallen. That Blitzoid had worked its way from the mountain into the water behind the dam.
            Now Solidman was scared. He knew that if he turned himself into concrete and plugged the gaping hole that the Blitzoid water could kill him if there was enough of it. He was very fearful. But, courage moved him to take the risk. So, he turned himself into concrete ad patched the gaping hole in the dam. The people in town cheered for Solidman because he had saved them from disaster.
            But wait! What was that burning sensation Solidman felt on the inside of the dam? Sure enough, there WAS Blitzoid in the water and it was putting pressure on the concrete where Solidman had patched it. What would he do? He was afraid the Blitzoid would destroy him and the dam would burst and destroy the town! But, then he thought of an idea. He took the white sand out of the concrete and put it against the water. The heat from the Blitzoid got very, very hot. And it did start to melt the sand!
            But guess what? When the sand had completely melted it had turned into a thick glass wall! This glass was extremely hard when the coolness of the water had cooled it. So, Solidman was saved, the dam was saved, and no one even got hurt! Now Solidman had new confidence because he overcame his fears. He went on to save may people from a slew of disasters.

            So face your fear and you will win!

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Elizabeth said...


Wonderful story! Solidman is everything we look for in a superhero- brave, true, sacrificial to the point of giving his own life and then, just when we think he's going to die, HE LIVES!!!
We need a little more information about Solidman (plot holes): What was his home planet named? How did he get here? Is the Blitzoid dangerous to humans/can it mutate them? How much does it take to hurt/kill Solidman? What does he look like? Does he have a superhero costume? Does he have a sidekick?

Just some things to think about. :)

-Miss Bauman

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