Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Student Narrative: Living Wild

Living Wild by Savannah P.
660 Words

                I woke up from my deep slumber to the sound of water sloshing around, my littermate and best friend, Lily, prodding my side with her paw. I groaned. “What do you want Lily?” I rolled on my soft belly with a sigh and closed my eyes. Lily replied with a scared, shaky meow, “Sunny, look at the floor! It’s flooded!”

                I opened my eyes and saw that Lily was right. The water rolled into my soft bed, and I scrambled to my paws. Just then, I realized that my housefolk were howling, trying to get some of their precious objects into their car. Then, all of a sudden, they just drove off, with no warning.

                O stared after the, wondering, that they would come back for me. Lily was shaking beside me, and I knew that she was thinking the same. So we just sat there waiting, while the water rose up around us, already at Lily’s neck. She’s smaller than I, and it was only just up to my chest.

                All of a sudden Lily blurted out, “They’re not coming back. They won’t until the flood is gone. And that won’t happen in a long time, will it?
 I was about to tell her that they would come back, that they always would, but in my heart, I knew that would be a lie. I muttered sadly, “No. No, they won’t. We need to get out of here, maybe live like those tigers we see on those books. Wild.”

                I stalked out of the house and jumped on the fence. “You coming?” She nodded, and we set off to the forest. While we were looking for a sheltered spot, it started pouring down rain. The drops stung like bees, but eventually, I found a hollow tree that would have to do for the night.

                All of a sudden, I realized something I’d forgotten. Food. I had forgotten food! How could I be so dumb as to forget the most important thing of all times? I remembered that the tigers in the stories would hunt for their prey. I couldn’t do that. I didn’t know how! Lily walked up to me, noticing that I was still for quite a while. She said calmly, “As your loyal companion, I would like to know just this one thing. What are you so worried about? We’ll be fine!” She sat back, clearly waiting for an answer. “Oh, it’s just, well, we don’t have any food. And we won’t for a while if we don’t hunt. Do you have any idea now?” She shook her head and replied. “Not really, but there’s no reason we can’t learn how!”  By now the sun was sinking below the beautiful horizon, and I yawned loudly, so I curled up in the tree and fell asleep.

                I woke up with the sun beaming down on my soft golden fur. I stretched and yawned, and suddenly I realized that we had no food. I heard Lily softly snoring, so I figured I’d have time to catch some food before she woke up.

                I jumped back into the tree; the smell of mouse woke Lily. She sat up ad her eyes widened at the sight of food. “Eww. If you’re sure that’s safe to eat, Sunny, we will,” she stated calmly. I replied, “Of course I’m sure! I even caught it myself!” So we sat down and ate the whole mouse.

                Quite a few days went on like this, and soon the flooded lake wasn’t flooded anymore, so we trekked back home where our housefolk were, waiting for us on the driveway.

                We ran up to them, purring and meowing with joy. Soon, our housefolk got some work done on their house so that if it flooded ever again, the house wouldn’t.

                I’ve spent the rest of my life, so far, wishing that horrific adventure wouldn’t happen again, and it hasn’t. Therefore I am thankful.

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