Tuesday, January 9, 2018


I have finally decided on my word for 2018, "APPRECIATE". Life is too short to go abuot grumbling. This year I want to appreciate everything. If I have trials I can assume God is allowing it to teach me something. I can appreciate that he is a caring parent and wants only the best for me no matter what. I want to appreciate the time I have with friends and family because time is precious and short. There is no time for petty thoughts that allow us to wallow in our hurt when someone does us wrong. Appreciate that they are still in our life. I want to appreciate my job, co-workers and friends. Many people have none. I don't like my financial situation or house, but those are things I can change. Appreciating my life wherever or whatever state I am in is all about attitude. I can appreciate it or wallow in despair. I choose to appreciate it.

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