Thursday, January 4, 2018


Today I returned to school. I entered my room to find a new desk.  I emptied my old desk. It had a center drawer and a small and large drawer on the right.  My new desk is not as wide as my old one. However it is much longer. It has two deep drawers on the left and two shallow and one deep drawer on the right. there are keys to lock my drawers up.  So I spent the best part of the day going through all of the garbage I've collected and throwing things out and getting my new desk organized. 

I was worried about how cold it would be today. I met my principal at the gate. She gave me my work hours and then told me they were working on getting the heat on. Construction had knocked something out again. I was very surprised to enter my room and find it was 61 degrees. It seems that my wing was the only one with heat.

Another surprise came from a teacher in Hawaii.  Looking for resources to teach Romeo and Juliet I came across a mention of an assessment she had done. Both of our schools are IB schools. I emailed to ask her about it and she not only sent the assessment to me, but also the grading rubrics. I love working with teachers who are willing to share their great work.


I know of nothing greater than surprises. The year 2017 was full of all kinds of surprises for me.
I was surprised  to gain three new teachers in my department.  I was surprised to learn that after several years of teaching sixth grade, they were switching me to seventh grade and English 1 (9th grade).  I was surprised to learn that I really enjoyed teaching them both, especially the high school course.  I have always disliked Shakespeare. I was surprised as I prepared for it over the winter break to learn how much I am enjoying it.  I was surprised this last year to have my daughter set a wedding date and then watch her walk down the aisle into happiness.  I was surprised and saddened to learn my son and daughter-in-law were moving back to El Paso. My fear became a reality as he  came for a visit two months later to tell me he was being deployed for a third time.  One of the best surprises came from a student who volunteered to be a beta reader for me.  He asked for the rest of the manuscript to read over the winter break.  He told me that one of the things he enjoyed about my writing was the amount of tension I put into it.    If 2017 was that full of surprises I can only hold my breath for what 2018 will bring.

So far it has brought me the surprise that my granddaughter Lili absolutely loved the Ringling Art Museum. Not bad for an eleven year old.  Can't wait to see what surprises my students will bring back to me next week. 

I hope that your 2018 is full of great surprises.

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