Saturday, January 6, 2018


Today was one of THOSE days. I got up early and tried to write lessons. I went and gave blood this morning, came back and sat down to write lesson plans. Once again I am still in the same place. I don't know why I am having so much difficulty writing my unit plan.  I have been writing lesson plans, both weekly and unit plans for years. However, for some reason I find myself procrastinating. First this is the first time I will have taught Romeo and Juliet. Since we are an IB school we have a specific template for our unit plans. Before we went on winter break we worked on lesson plans. We were given a sub for three periods to work with others. I am feeling intimidated by a lesson plan that I have used for years. There have been some minor changes, but I am familiar with most of it. I just can't push myself beyond a certain point. Tomorrow I must work on it. I usually don't procrastinate with lesson plans. For some reason this unit is different. I will make it happen. I refuse to let procrastination keep me from my goal. This will go for all of my goals. It is so easy to let procrastination take hold of us and do this over and over again. We all go through procrastination. The major problem occurs when we let it continue day, after day, after day. Tomorrow is a new day. I will reach my goal

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