Monday, September 29, 2014

Student Narrative: The End

The End by Noah D.
621 Words

                War has broken out due to feared dragons and ruthless giants. The war started by a raid on the most important cities in the world; New York, France, Washington, and other cities like that. For the first four years the armies have kept the giants and dragons from destroying everything. That  all changed two years ago. That was when the serpents came and cut of supply lines that helped out every one. Slowly, one by one, humans started dropping dead like flies. Now there are about 1,000-1,500 people still on the face of the Earth. My name is John and I have survived the six years of war. Now I am faced with my greatest fear…..death. I am one of the ninety-eight humans I America that want to go to Asia to meet up with the resistance. This is the story of me and how I found my friends.

                “Help,” yelled a voice in the distance. I stopped and looked around holding my makeshift spear. “NO PLEASE NO.” There it was again. I sprinted in the direction of the noise. Once I found the kid, a dragon had taken him to a camp of two dragons and four giants. I threw the spear with all of my might and hit the giant that had picked up the kid. As it started falling backwards in shock, the id was able to free himself. Later that day, I found the id. “Mike, my name is Mike,” he told me. That was when a id ran into us knocking us to the ground. Two giant’s showed up and picked us up. They took us to the camp again. The giant that I had hit with a spear was dead. We were tied up to a pole as they started a fire. Thinking fast I took out my pocket knife and started to cut the rope. Once my rope was cut I gave it to Mike and ran for my spear. A dragon spotted me and chased me until I reached my spear. I threw it down the dragon’s throat. The dragon fell to the ground. By then Mie had cut his and the other kid’s rope. We all got out of there. Once we got to a safe location he told us his name was Frank.
                “Nice to meet you Frank,” I said to him.
                “I need to get to Asia to meet up with my family,” Frank said.
                Mike and I both said, “The you should come with us, because we’re going to Asia.”
                The Nest day we went to my hidden boat and loaded it up with food, weapons and water. “Okay, who is ready to become serpent food?” I joked. But, that did happen halfway through our trip. We ran into a serpent. Fran, Mike and I picked up our spears and threw them towards the dragon. Mike’s missed but mine and Franks were dead on. Frank hit the forehead and I hit the left eye. Worst decision I ever made. The serpent sprang into action using its tail to wipe off Fra and Mike into the ocean. Then I screamed into the air….drum roll please, a hydra. A hydra is a breed of dragon. The hydra jumped on the boat and flung me into the sky and down into the water. The weight of the dragon destroyed the boat. We swam to Asia. It was hard! In the end Mike was attacked by a baby serpent and dislocated his left leg and right arm.

                I the end, Mike, Frank and I made it to Asia. Frank found his family. Mike and I were safe for now, but who knows when they will find us here.

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Elizabeth said...

I'd like to know more about what happens! It needs some back story that is missing: Where did the dragons, serpents and giants come from? How did the war start? Who started the war? Also, where did they leave America from if they have to swim to Asia?

You have some key plot holes that need filling, but otherwise, an excellent beginning!

-Miss Bauman

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