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Student Narrative: Make One Friend

Here we go again.  Today I have a part of a story written by another of my wonderful sixth graders. Enjoy.  Please leave Positive Comments.

Make One Friend by Isabella J.
687 Words

                I am Barney Appleridge. I’m not your average id. I am a geek, a reading, writing, unpopular school-loving geek. My mom always says things lie, “Nerds rule the world,” or “One day all of those bullies are going to work for you.” It never makes me feel better though.  I can’t control who I am, but sometimes, I wish I could.
                “Tic, tack, tick, tack,” rain ran down the side of our car like soft gunshots. I sat in the back seat trying to ignore my mom peering back at me and smiling every five seconds. After this went on for what seemed to be ten minutes my mom finally said, “You’re excited aren’t you? I can tell.” I didn’t say anything, and stared out the window to show my enthusiasm. “Don’t worry hun; middle school is a good place to start over new.”
                “Right,”  I say sarcastically, “instead of being seen as a geek, people could see me as a complete joke! Thanks mom that makes me feel loads better!”
                “Hey” said a voice in my head. “It’s Theo your bud!” Theo is my imaginary friend. I talk to him so much my brain makes him talk to me when I need him.
                “Hi Theo,” I whisper trying to avoid my mom hearing my conversation.
                “Hey, don’t be afraid of what you have to face,” Theo said encouragingly.
                “I know it must be done,” I mutter. Theo appears in the seat beside me.
                “Yes, it is what you must do,” Theo said. “At least have fun doing it. Make me a promise.”
                “Okay,” I replied.
                Alright, Theo muttered, “Make yourself a real friend okay?” Before I had time to answer, my mom opened the car door. I looked back to say goodbye to Theo, but he was gone.
                “Okay, I told myself, make one friend, make one friend.” I chanted those words as we made our way to Bacteria Prep, my new school. “Make one friend, make one friend.” The chanting became louder and louder in my head. I barely noticed it when my mom hugged me and said goodbye. There were many kids walking toward the school. My heart was beating to the rhythm of my waling and chanting. “Make one friend, make one friend.” I almost hit my head on the front door. I was so distracted.
                I was handed my schedule in the office. World History first period, I ran up the stairs entering the flow of many other students making their way up the stairs with me. When I walked into the classroom I sat in the first available seat. Everyone in the classroom looked like me, scared and pale. I didn’t notice it, but it looked like I sat next to a boy. Like everyone else in the classroom, he too was scared and pale. “Make one friend, make one friend”, the chant started back in my brain again. This must be a sign, a sign that me and this boy could be lifelong best friends. The words “hi my name is Barney” formed in my head. I repeated this over and over again in my head hoping it would come out of my mouth. Before I had the chance to speak he talked to me.
                “Hi, do you want to sit together at lunch?” My mouth was opened wide. I quickly wiped the expression from my face and agreed. I nodded my head yes frantically. He showed me a large ear to ear smile and I gave him one right back. 
                The next three periods flew by quickly. It turns out that I have five out of seven periods with him! After meeting him I met his friends and their friends, and I was popular. “I” was popular!.

                Middle school wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Also, the boy’s name was Theo! Now that’s just creepy. He moved here from Rhode Island over the summer. He has a lot of stories to tell. During lunch I saw a friend that I once needed. He was waving goodbye, the he disappeared forever.

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