Friday, April 10, 2015

It's Poetry Time Again

The week before we begin our state testing is usually a time for last minutes tweaking of skills.  We have done nothing but testing all year.  So..... I figured we would start our poetry unit.  I have given the students formulaic type poetry to work on.  So far they have completed the following types of poetry: acrostics, alphabets, cinquains, diamantes, dice and color poems. I decided it would be nice to post some of their poetry.
Olivia H. has agreed to start the day off.   She has given us her alphabet poem, a diamante, an acrostic and a color poem.

The Travels of a Leaf by Olivia H.

A leaf falls onto a
Bench where a
Circular Frisbee is thrown on top. In the
Dark the leaf is scared and
Energetic. A
Grown man wearing a
Hat walks over and picks
It up. As well as me. I thought he was
Joking, but on the way “home” I saw a
Kite, a
Lemonade stand,
Many kids, and
Nifty moving vehicles. After being
Opened up to the world I felt
Proud. I felt like I was
Queen of the world.
To fall, the clouds
Up above weren’t a
Vivid color.
Water keeps falling.
Yelling, “Drip, drop. Then…
ZAP, goes a lightning bolt, as everything goes black.

Terrible Congestion on
Roads that make people                                                           
Frustrated and                                                            
Irritated about these

Teal is the color of the Bahama’s water
Teal is the color of joy
Teal is beautiful
Teal is healing emotions
Teal smells like saltwater at the ebach
Teal tastes like ocean spray
Teal sounds like the wind blowing the leaves that have fallen
Teal looks like a butterfly flying
Teal feels like anticipation
Teal is beautiful

Small, slow
Growing, moving, eating,
Waiting, steady, big, beautiful
Fluttering, flying migrating
Colorful, gentle

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