Saturday, April 11, 2015

Observing and Writing in Syllables

Kimberly wrote a poem based on an activity we die where students had to observe things around our school.  It was difficult to teach them this process.  Kimberly put her observations into a poem and did an awesome job.

My Observations by Kimberlee N.

I see a dragonfly buzzing in the air.
There is also a tree that’s almost bare.
I hear a truck booming by
There is a bird that seems to cry.
A motorcycle, zooms across the road
And there is a big toad.
I hear leaves rustling in the wind.

I see the shadow of the moving tree
How the wind makes it move beside me.
I hear an airplane growling, somewhere
I see an eagle looking like it might care.
I see buzzards off in the distance

They might be doing a dance.

Isabella's poem was a "Dice  Poem". they rolled the dice and wrote the number down on their paper for 12 different lines.  That is how many syllables they had to have per line.   I loved her poem titled Ballet.

Ballet  by Isabella J.

Kids don’t understand how hard this sport is.
It is just the same as any other sport
Pointe shoes give blisters
Toes bleed and break
Good is never good enough
Better is the goal
They can try to,
But ballet will always be so much more
They think it’s funny
To lift their leg
I just tell myself that my leg can go higher

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