Saturday, April 18, 2015

Poetry by Khushi


I laugh and laugh when someone tickles me
They drop their treats for me as I gulp them up
I sometimes spit the treats out when I'm full
Sometimes I get sick and the treats just won't gulp.

Toilet Paper Roll

I feel warm in this big jacket of mine
Eventhough it's softer than a baby's tush
Oh wait my jacket is being pulled.
Soon I will just be merely naked and useless

ah, the sweet pillow resting, cuddling onto me.
Sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right
With wind flowing from the fan
I lay with my foundation


so many theories about me.
Am I Zeus or am I Shiva?
Am I Jesus?
They are all a part of me.
You shall se me revealed in Heaven
Until then, Farewell

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