Tuesday, February 13, 2018

#DWHabit - Word of the Day - Bend


Like trees that bend in the storm,
I must learn to be flexible when
Life throws curves at me.

I must bend and sway
When hardships try
to break me down.

I must learn that these storms
Help to build character.
They make me who I am.

I may be a little bent over
Under the pressures
From every day life.

But look at those trees, now
Buffeted by the winds
And storms.

They stand tall, and
Bent from the pressures
That pounded them.

They stood the test of time
As must I.  I will stand a
Little bent but strong.

I will continue to
Grow strong through
Life’s storms.

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Jennifer Laffin said...

Your poem is so beautiful, Sandra. It reminds me of the saying “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” Learning to bend is so difficult, yet so important. Thank you for sharing your words today.

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