Thursday, February 22, 2018

#DWHabit: Word of the Day - Fascinate


I am fascinated with the lengths students will go to get out of class.  Today’s assignment was simple. The students were to write positive letters to the students at Marjorie Stoneman High in Parkland, Florida. This was a request made by a teacher at that school from teachers/students around the country. The letters were not supposed to mention details of the events. It was simply a short letter letting them know that they were loved, wrapped in hugs and that students across the state were thinking about them and sending positive thoughts and hugs.  Somehow after that class was over and the next period had started writing their letters things fell apart. Administration called to say they had students from my first period all upset to the point that they thought they would need to bring in more counselors.  The students were demonstrating one of the IB Learner Profiles by writing letters to the school expressing they care.  This was a ploy  by a small group to skip their next class. So I guess that it will always fascinate me that there are some students who are so adept at manipulating things that they would do this. Shame on them. They lost out on an opportunity to share love with those who are hurting.  All it took was three students to ruin it for 146 of my students and all of those who are hurting across the state.  I have better things to be fascinated by, such as why some honey bees are very sweet and calm and others are not. Why my husband, who grew up in big cities and apartments can grow and propagate just about anything and why I who grew up on a farm can’t.  Those are the things I want to be fascinated about, not how a handful of students can manipulate the administration.

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