Saturday, February 3, 2018

#DWHabit - Word of the Day - Invincible

I'm always talking to my students about some of the things they do that are not the brightest ideas. The most recent incidents of kids taking the Tide Pod Challenge brought that home to my students. We discussed this. They laughed when I told them that often kids think they are invincible. Things won't happen to them.  I told them that all kids feel that way at some point. However, life  shows them those hard lessons and hopefully they learn from it. Learning the lessons by seeing how a tragic event affects others is a hard way to learn that lesson. But, it no where near as hard as being involved in the tragedy yourself. 

Feeling as if we are invincible doesn't just happen to kids. Often we keep pushing ourselves in our jobs because we think nothing will happen to us. We have to get things done. Thursday was a fifteen hour work day for me at school.  I came home to a steak dinner my husband had fixed and waited to eat with me.  I was barely able to keep my eyes open for another hour before I fell asleep without writing.  Friday was more of the same. I tried to make up for the work I didn't get done the night before. I was asleep an hour after dinner.  I didn't write that night either. 

Today I did part of my work and then realized I had not written. It is now almost nine at night. I feel incomplete when I don't write, even if it is just a small post like this. I prefer to do my writing first thing in the morning and then try to make time to do more writing at night.  This Daily Writing Habit Challenge has been the best thing to happen to me and I'm sure to many others. So even though this post is small I feel pleased that I got some writing done today.  I just need to remember that I am not invincible and that to keep me going I need to write daily.  Have you written today?

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