Wednesday, February 21, 2018

#DWHabit - Word of the Day - Tests

I have chosen my own word today. The reason is simple, we are getting ready for state tests over the next couple of months.
Tests. Just the mention of the word creates a classroom of reactions. We have the rolling of the eyes, the slumping in the seats, the pounding on desks or stomping of feet.  After weeks of telling students why they are writing one more essay you no longer get the above  reactions. Now all I get are the glazed looks followed by the "You must be kidding me" look.  I hate this time of year as much as my students do. I hate it because so much is riding on those tests. My evaluation is 50% based on how my students do on that test. Students are put  under the microscope for these tests. They determine whether they have to take remedial classes.  I have a student who does not pass them, meaning he doesn't test well and it is always below grade level on the reading test. The funny thing is he reads 50 plus books throughout the school year. He has donated books to my classroom. two to three times a year every year since he came to our middle school.

We have our first major test in two weeks. It will be our state writing test. We have spent the last two to three weeks writing argumentative and informative essays.  Why could they not have students in middle school write narratives?  A lot of students would do much better.  Better than that suggestion I think they should offer a choice of the three. Once you clicked on your choice you couldn't change your mind. However, if kids had a choice then they would probably do much better.  I don't know, what do you think about this idea?  I only know I will be thrilled when testing is over for this year.

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