Saturday, January 11, 2014

Day two of Poetry Unit : An Alphabet Poem by Eliana T.


Animals, all shapes and sizes
Bees that buzz
Cats that meow
Ducks that paddle 'round the pond
Even worms and tiny bugs
Forever tunneling through the mud
Guinea pigs with chubby legs
Horses that munch on hay
In the pasture, cows and pigs
Just talking about the farmers 'biz
Kangaroos rule down under
Lions roars boom like thunder
Monkeys gobble banana peels
None of 'em worry how their tummy feels
Octopuses argue with the eels
Parrots tease the penguins 'bout no flight
Quails scurry through the brush in a
Rush, no time to wait for them
To come and gobble you up.
Unicorns, they don't exist
Vultures never will be missed
Walruses sunning on the rocks
Xantus, a type of bird of which no one has ever heard
Yaks refuse to brush their fur, it's just absurd
Zebras stomp their hooves in anger, 'cause they just hate come last.

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