Friday, January 17, 2014

I Am, I Was, I Will Be Poem

This type of poem has 3 parts. Each part is made up of 3 stanzas.  The first two words are given and the student fills in the rest. This was created by Kaitlyn B.


I am a writer
I wonder about the world
I hear wonderful things
I see beautiful sites
I want to be a writer because
I am a believer

I pretend I am the best writer the world has ever seen
I feel the pencil writing all the words
I touch the cover of my new book
I worry I won't be published
I cry just thinking about it

I understand that it will be okay
I say it will happen one day
I dream about being the best writer
I try to do my best
I hope I will not fail
I am knowing I am doing my best


I was born
I wondered about everything
I heard a bird
I saw it fly
I wanted to believe
I was in the sky

I pretended to go over the rainbows
I felt the wind on my cheeks
I touched the water
I worried sometimes that I couldn't fly
I cried about it but hey
I was just a little girl

I then understood it was the birds that could fly
I said fine but
I still dreamed of going high
I tried but it didn't go well
I hoped to go on a plane and soar so high
I was loving just the thought


I will love my family
I will wonder about my ancestors
I will hear my family  laugh
I will see them cry
I will want to comfort them
I will be right there by their side

I will pretend they're with me even if they're not there
I will feel loved everywhere I am
I will touch the things they hand down
I will worry when they're in the hospital
I will cry when they die
I will be okay because

I will understand
I will say they're in a better place
I will dream they are right there with me
I will try my best to make the rest of my family feel better
I will hope for wonderful things to happen
I will be the caregiver
I will see the

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