Thursday, January 23, 2014

Alphabet Poem

Delicious Treats  by Lissette

Act II popcorn, melty yellow butter
Butterfinger, peanutty flavor
Cheetos, crunchy spicy flavor
Doritos, cheesie corn chips
Eclipse, cools your mouth with minty gum
Fritos, twirly sweet flavor
ummy bears, squishy sweet and sour yummies
Hershys triangular chocolate candy
Ice pops, sweet, cold flavory pops
Jolly Rancers are sour hard candies
Kit kat is cruncy chocolate
Laffy Taffy is chewy,with a flavory taste
M & M's have a chocolaty shell
Nestles's candies are like paradise
Oreo's are creamy from the inside
Pretzals are salty baked bread
Quaker's Oatmeal is a good breakfast
Rice Krispies treats are oh so good
Skittles are sweet and sour
Twix's caramel, mmm...better
U-no drinks and candy....tasty
Valentines treats are sweet
Wonka Candy comes sweet and sour
Xing tea is good and refreshing
Yahoo! chocolate milk
Zero bars, eat after faking a run.

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