Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reality Sucks by Kamryn C.

Reality tells her that she's not meant to be here
The cuts on her arms are there to tell her
She acts like she's fine.
But they know she isn't
The one person she counts on
Whispers the secrets that stab her in the back.
At night when no one's around
She can't control it and she breaks down.
An invisible rope around her neck
A perfect jump off of the deck
They say do it
So she's gone
Now people say how she's so beautiful.
They betray her and go behind her back
She has many cuts and burns under her clothes
But it's just a mark on her body people say
And it takes the pain away
She likes the way it looks
It tells her how she's just trash
People say show me, show me
And she says it's not that easy
She sees them and she's temped to grab it
the shiny sharp silver thing lying across the room
She doesn't want to let them win
But it just kind of happens
So then she lost the game
As a floating piece of shame.

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