Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Darkness by Eliana T

Darkness, is a thing that looms before you.
Bedtime, is a thing that fills you with fear.
There you are, cowering under the covers,
As the wall of black sweeps over you, demolishing any source of precious light.
You gather the courage to peek out from under your pillow.
Shadows sweep their arms around you, swallowing you into their endless gloom.
you duck to the cover of your pillow, but darkness pursues its prey.
You shed a tear and wail for daddy, but you know this is the end.
The bulb in your night light is burnt out.
Your candle no longer exists.
your dog can't help but chew on that lamp wire,
And you simply can't reach that light switch.
There's no safe haven to run to,
And as darkness wraps around you,
You can only lay there when the sliver of hope pierces the night. Streams of the light pour over me, fighting back the black wall.
I break free from my blankets.
Wonderful, beautiful light wraps me in its arms.
I look up into the night sky...
I can almost see the moon smile.

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