Friday, January 10, 2014

Yea! It's Poetry Time Again

We came back from winter break and started our unit on poetry.  I absolutely love it. I asked my students to write a poem of their choice and form. I wanted to get a feel for what they could do. The following students have given me permission to post their poetry.  You will find more to come as they write more.  They will be writing 21 different types of poetry. So sit back and enjoy.  If you feel so inclined, please leave an positive, encouraging message for these students. Some of them are dark and could be construed as depressing.  They definitely reflect what the students are reading and what they see happening around them.

Bright Colored Pencil  by Rim A.                               
So much depends upon                                                 
a bright colored pencil,                                                 
Ready for writing stories                                                
and ready for creativity.                                                 

This poem is by Elizabeth M.
She knew how to draw a pretty picture
Only there was a twist
The razor was her brush
And the canvas was her wrist

Dandelions by Sarah Y.      
Dandelions, each
A special wish, Blow on it,
Watch it float on air                                        

Crayons by Kea K.
Red and yellow, blue and pink
Each and everyone's unique.
Sharp and dull and thick and thin
I'd rather use them than a pen!

Quatrain by Justin N.                                                  
Going up the court                                                         
I wanted to abort                                                         
Then I got a free                                                            
and made my team go "wee"                                       

Winter by Ngan    
It all depends upon
leaves falling down lightly
trees tilting over slightly
showing fall is gone.                                                                                

Winter has approached us
snow is nowhere around
yet playing is a must
for winter we found.

Winter has approached us
snow is nowhere around
yet playing is a must
for winter we found.

Acrostic Poem by Whitney
Through thick and thin they help and care for one another.
Every one participating in the activity enjoys themself.
And if someone isn't participating they can still be a part of the tea by cheering them on.

More than one player working together to reach and/or complete a common goal.

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